No Apology Needed

I was raised with respect being the most important “value” I was to learn and adhere to. I pretty sure you experienced some of this yourself. I wonder if some of these situations run true

Shoulding The Shame

I’m curious. If you are anything like me, you have had many moments in your life where you have said things like: I should get this ______ done I should get moving on this project

And Still, I Love You

Over the past few months, on The Empowering Process Podcast, in my client coaching sessions, and with the people I have gotten to know a common theme has come up. It’s time to forgive and

What If I Let Go

Sometimes we hold on so tightly, not wanting to let go, of a person, a job, a loved one. Sometimes, so tightly, that we ignore that this season has passed. We stay hoping things will

Healing Disempowerment

How can you heal from a broken heart, disillusionment, or repeating negative patterns in your life? Does your perfectionism get in your way of actually moving forward, things just aren’t good enough? Maybe you can’t

Making Changes That Matter

Have you ever wondered how one business grows and another doesn’t? Or maybe you pondered why someone you know has skyrocketed their life and you have, well, not? Have you ever wondered how you lost

Not For the Faint of Heart

Are you with me? Tired of hearing canned phrase such as: Mindset Empowerment Emotional Intelligence Level Up Lean In Change Oh, and so much more… The thing is, this is what I do for a

Myths and Limiting Belief on Money

Have you ever heard the saying, “without a strong foundation, you’ll have trouble creating anything of value” – Erika Oppenheimer? How about Maslow’s hierarchy of needs? Both physical and safety, lower-level needs are at risk

Something I Love Is Hurting Me

Have you ever noticed that breaking up is hard to do? No matter what it is; leaving a relationship, a job, a friend, or even giving up certain foods, it takes some effort. For example:

Living as The Victim

Have you ever heard the term, victimization? Have you ever known someone who has played the victim card? Have you ever played the victim yourself? If you think about it for a moment, one of