Step Out of Powerlessness

Have you noticed, since the world turned upside down in 2020, people, maybe even you, are feeling more disempowered than ever before? Maybe holding on to life the way you used to just seems out of reach and that life has slipped away.

There appears to be so much turmoil that is out of your control; other people, governments, pandemics, or mother nature herself.

So, what does this all mean for what lies ahead?

Despair or Hope

One thing I got rather good at is sitting in silence and listening to my heart.

I bet you did too.

You sit with the feeling of powerlessness. You sit with the feeling of hopefulness. You sit with the feeling of potentiality. You sit with the feeling of hope.

You sit with the realization you have choices.

Maybe even choices you never thought of before.

When you find the courage to lean into change and explore new choices and you look at what is happening from a space of curiosity, you are able to focus on possibilities and hope and you begin to embrace the unknown rather than the dread.

You discover what you once believed to be true no longer has power over you.

The Power of Change

What you have done is you have taken responsibility for your results by being accountable for your actions. You are learning how to express your emotions in a positive way as you learn to understand them.

You discover that you:

  • Communicate more effectively because you do so from a state of curiosity and understanding
  • Practice curiosity, listen more, and take time to process what you hear
  • Reduce the conflict in your life because you manage your emotions, you remain calm

You have taken hold of your personal power.

Change is a Natural Part of Life

Change is happening exponentially faster in your life each day, and it can be difficult to deal with. I ask you to experiment with looking at change like new pieces of your life’s puzzle coming into focus. Take that feeling of trepidation and treat it like a ride at the amusement park; exciting, breathtaking, and  exhilarating. This can help you manage the choices you make in a way that best supports a positive outcome for you. You choose to weave these new experiences, these new realities, into the fabric of the life you want to live.

Your future is full of limitless potential and any single change you make today will alter your trajectory of your life. Purposefully and thoughtfully building a life you love.

Powerlessness is not a state you need remain in. You have the power and freedom of choice to decide what your future looks like. Know that you control your personal choices, and you can decide to embrace change based on your personal desires, values, and boundaries; regardless of anxiety, false beliefs, personal limitations, or society’s rules about how your life should be lived.

You have everything you need within you to bring out the very best of you each and every moment.

What would it take for you to set yourself free, to believe in yourself, to know your choices matter?

It takes allowing yourself to feel worthy of self-care and self-development. It takes having someone at your side guiding you through the barriers that could hold you back. It takes someone who has done it and is willing to go through it with you.

Let’s talk and see if I am that someone for you. Schedule our discovery meeting today.

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