The Luminal Experience

Did you ever have the feeling that something was about to happen? Something is changing and you are not sure what? Maybe you felt a little uncertainty, some confusion, a little fear, and a mix of anticipation or excitement.

Relax, you are experiencing a state of transition in your life. It may be moving from one phase to another, from one season to another, or a change that you’re not even sure of how to describe.

You’re free flying in limbo and simply going through the motions in life as you look around to try to understand what is happening, feeling different, off, or uncomfortable; even feeling invisible.

What is happing is that you are on a threshold, a transitional or transformative place in your life.

There are life events that bring with them the liminal experience.

  • Divorce is one and often happens unexpectedly, so it can leave you feeling like you don’t know where you are, or sometimes even who you are. The divorce process can be a luminal state between the destination you seek and the point you are leaving behind.
  • A job loss puts you in place in between one job and another experience (retire, new job, entrepreneurship). You’re leaving behind the known and entering into the unknown.

Many changes in your life puts you into this kind of limbo where you get a chance to breath, get curious, and anticipate what is next. Author and theologian Richard Rohr writes that liminal spaces should be introspective places rather than unsettling places. To him, “liminal” is a word meaning “threshold between one stage of life as another. As a result, it is only within these spaces [that you find a good place] where genuine newness and the bigger world is revealed.”

Liminal space is the eye of the storm, the space between the notes, the pause between each breath.

It is a place of quiet, anticipation, creativity, and rebirth.

The liminal experience is the feeling of transition. Understand it, relax into it, embrace it.

It’s time to get clear and specific about what you want, to relax into the changes showing up, and embrace the possibilities in life and what the next phase will look like for you.

It’s time to get the support and resources in place to find the right balance in navigating your luminal states.

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