Business Predictions

The past few years have been both challenging and innovative for business and the resulting trends will mean a lot of change.

From AI solutions to outsourcing your work force, expect your environment to change.

Which means you will need to look at your business from a different perspective.

I selected a few examples noted in Forbes and Intelligent HQ

Do you have the agility to adjust and shake off old patterns?

According to Bernard Marr, in his Forbes article, “The 8 Biggest Business Trends In 2022 “ consumers have become even more sophisticated. They want to see the companies they do business with care about issues and stand for more than profit.

Consumers are looking for the human element in the brands they choose. They will be looking for evidence that  the leaders of these companies display honesty, reliability, empathy, compassion, humility, and maybe even vulnerability and fear.

Marr also talks about businesses having a purpose. Value driven organizations are on the rise and people want to know that yours exists to serve a meaningful purpose. A strong purpose has the intention of transformation or striving for something better.

People are now watching.  “Words may inspire, but only ACTION creates change.” – Simon Sinek

In the post “ These Will Be the Top Business Challenges for 2022” by Intelligent HQ, they talk about other factors to be considered for the changing business landscape in 2022.

One impacting choices today is that every business is dealing with pandemic hangover. Realities such as employees looking for more work/life balance, more autonomy, and more flexibility are some of the contributing factors. Along with that, your customer base will continue to order remotely and expect home delivery.

How this impacts retail businesses and commercial real estate is just now starting to emerge.

Are you and your business agile enough to be in the forefront of change or are you being hit, like whiplash, from the aftermath of changing customer and employee demands?

Check out the Bernard Marr’s Forbes article, “The 8 Biggest Business Trends In 2022  here:

As well as the Intelligent HQ blog at,storm.%202%20C-Suite%20Diversity.%203%20Pandemic%20Hangover.%20

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