Hindsight Is 2020

Hindsight is 2020

This has such a different meaning for us these days. January 1, 2021 will be a huge farewell to the pandemic experience that keeps on giving.

And, as you look back at a year of isolation, division, uncertainty, and change on a global level, what are some of the lessons you learned that can make 2021 a year where you make a difference in your life?

Some of my hindsight lessons are:

Distance is subjective

In this life where we have technology connecting us to family, friends, and business, the miles between us melt away. I have networked with people from Italy, chatted with folks in Spain, and heard from people in the Ukraine.

I realize I am able to connect with my family more often because I do not have to get on a plane and travel for 6 hours, but simply coordinate a time when we can all have a laugh and catch up with what is going on.

I am able to meet and greet people, no matter where they are, and they are comfortable holding a nice to meet you conversation virtually, no longer hesitant with using technology to see and speak to one another.

I have more time to spend on me and what matters for my personal development as I am not in a vehicle driving from place to place to connect with business, friends, and family. This has allowed me to reflect, grow, and focus on what really is important in my life.

I determine my reaction

At the beginning of the 2020 stepping through the looking glass experience I was sure this would last six weeks to three months tops. As it became evident to me that this is not a sprint, but a marathon, I adjusted my life accordingly. I reached out to folks in business to see how they were hanging on and got to coach/council some through this.

I noticed that those that hung on to “when we return to normal” perspectives became disillusioned and struggled to make it through each day. Some became angry as the feeling of disempowerment took hold in their lives. Others became fearful and barely poked their face outside their homes. Others became depressed as they could see no way out.

I found myself gravitating to those who saw opportunity. We can’t keep doing things the way we used to, so now what? I have a business associate who owns a huge gym/music/arts studio. She put time and money into making it Covid compliant and opened up a emote learning center that is safe for children learning from home whose parents need to work. She started a cheer team as other facilities were not big enough to provide distance training. She has grown her business and is thriving as she looks for answers.

This is only one of the many people I know who have moved through this experience exploring opportunities to react with a perspective of curiosity and explore possibilities not evident before.

Thorstein Veblen said “necessity is the mother of invention,” and so it is.

We are a social animals

The one thing we all seemed to miss the most is proximity and touch. How many of you hug each other when you say help or goodbye? How many shake hands in greeting? How many rely on body language as a major part of communication?

We are a clan/tribal/social being and need each other to survive. From the moment we enter this world we require physical stimulation to develop healthy relationships and actually release healthy hormones in our body.

During the peak of isolation, I realized I needed at least proximity to other people. I met folks one to one outside at parks where we could take off our masks and see each other while we talked. It made all the difference in the world.

I do see people, sparingly. I keep my distance and follow safe contact protocol. Getting together for a laugh and a lunch is remarkable. Going to a friend’s house for a home movie night, with distance and safety is a precious. Seeing someone you can touch is a blessing to be cherished.

I’ve leaned how important people are to me in my life and how small the differences are.

Hindsight is 2020. You can look back with regret at what you missed or look at the lessons you learned that can propel you into an amazing 2021.

You have the power to choose how you respond. The practice of conscious choice and being present in the uniqueness of the moment allows you to take control, accept responsibility, and be aware that your perception, response, and results belong to you alone.

Isn’t it time for you?

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If not now, when?

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