Coaching At Work

Have you ever worked in an organization that decided to launch a coaching program? Maybe this was part of leadership training or a benefit available for the staff. Did you notice that the very same people responsible for your annual review and your workload are also the people assigned to be your coach?

How safe are you feeling in this situation to share your desires, your challenges, and your perspective with the very person whose role it is to judge your performance?

Not very, I would image.

Maybe you are fortunate and work in an organization that has contracted an outside coach to work with you. Here you are now and maybe you don’t think you need help or don’t feel comfortable with coaching at all. Maybe you feel that you are being coerced into an experience you are not yet ready for. Maybe no one made it clear to you why this program has been put in place to begin with.

Working with a coach is something a company can offer to you, but usually does not work well when it is required.

You see, the main objective of a coach is to work with you on your personal objectives, to uncover your particular perspective, and resolve what might be holding you back. Your coach works with you, personally, to develop an action plan for your change and growth.

And these may not align with the company objectives.

In fact, a great coach will help you find where you should be if you are in the wrong job.

A strong company will be ok with that, and, in fact, will be happy to find a better fit for a position after you move on to where you would be most happy.

Some companies hire a coach with mentorship and the bottom line as their objective. Although profits will organically increase with coaching as staff’s perspective on work and life improves, measuring revenue as a coaching benefit will result in manipulation and not focus on the individual’s strength s/he brings to the organization.

A coach is someone who can leave her/his ego at the door when working with an individual. Your coach will help you make conscious choices and will:

  • Set a strategy for your personal development, growth, and confidence
  • Help you see your blocks preventing you from achieving your personal best
  • Ask the hard questions and listen to your honest response without judgement
  • Hold you accountable to your objectives and teach you how to shift your perspective
  • Is not responsible for company productivity or revenue
  • Is compensated for services provided

Before you engage with a coach be clear about your agenda. Be specific about what you expect to gain from this relationship. Ask yourself, are you looking for a mentorship, are you looking for sales training, are you looking for staff management, or are you looking for an outside perspective to bring in fresh ideas intended to help the individuals in your organization who want more in their life?

Are you looking for a mentor or are you looking for a coach?

Embracing self-development, growth, and change is a journey. In a large corporation or in your own personal experience, you need a real reason why the change is desired, and then it takes commitment, it takes support, it takes consistency, it takes community, and yes it takes coaching to incorporate change in any aspect of your life.

You have the power to choose how you respond each day. The practice of conscious choice and being present in the uniqueness of the moment allows you to take control, accept responsibility, and be aware that your perception, response, and results belong to you alone.

Isn’t it time for you?

You know it is. Go ahead and schedule a complimentary session with me today at: Complimentary Coaching If not now, when?

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