You have control over your time, your happiness, and your results
Being Bombarded for Time

This past week I was on vacation visiting family. My plan was to unwind, enjoy life, and stay minimally connected with business.

Foolish me, thinking anything goes as planned.

I am also mid-purchasing a home, working with a team on an upcoming network event, and meeting remotely with clients.

Meeting with clients and updating my website and social media are planned activities that I am accustomed to work on so had scheduled these activities already. Not a disruption at all to family and fun time.  Other distractions were unexpected and huge.

I received, on average, four emails every day regarding the home purchase looking for more documentation, additional information, signatures, insurance, and more. These requests typically came while miniature golfing, having dinner, or playing with the children. I frequently had to step away for a moment to get an idea as to what was needed by when.

I received texts and emails from associates I am working with on the networking event. Correct information please, change post picture, details needed, poster reviews etc. These requests are not at all an issue except that they arrived at the same time as the previously mentioned requests.

And then my daughter wanted to be so helpful. “Let me order the floor replacement for you.” Ironically, these texts looking for details, asking questions, covering options, also came in AT THE SAME TIME!

A feeling of being bombarded for my time sometimes heightened my anxiety. My issue, no one else’s.

If you know me, you realize I work in a very focused manner. I am very good at placing items in a parking lot until I have completed to some point of satisfaction something else. This does not mean I do not get frustrated when my plan for peace and perfection gets interrupted. Just like most folks, I have my moments.

So, I stepped back from my frustration, prioritized what needed to get done, held off on others until I returned home, and worked around the plans I had for vacation. Some things I did not get to do, but I did get to love my family time. Urgent items got completed, important work got done, and everything else waited until I was available.

It’s interesting that I just completed giving a training seminar on making decisions. Don’t you just love it when you get the chance to actually practice what you preach?

This is an example of practicing conscious choice. Take control, accept responsibility, and be aware that your perspective, response, and results belong to you alone. You have control over your time, your happiness, and your results.

If not now, when?

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