Why Did It Nor Work

You have probably had the opportunity to participate in a company run communication program. Maybe you were involved at some point with couples counseling or family therapy. If you’re like me, you would have spent time engaged with personal development programs and retreats.

How many or you notice that the next week thing seem to get back to “normal?” If you work at it, maybe 2% of what you learned gets integrated into your life. Why do companies continue to spend valuable resources on these programs to enact change or level set their staff and then not integrate these changes into the organization? Why do so many couples go to counseling only to then separate? Why do so many individuals seem to be motivational junkies and still not live the life they desire?

All these attempts to change for the better, to elevate awareness, or to create a more meaningful norm are very admirable and have value at the intellectual level. The primary blockers to actual integration of these changes are found at the individual level.

It is only you who can accept responsibility for what you have control over. That is the choices you make to change your circumstances.

It is only you who can willing to accept accountability for the results in your life that are a result of the choices you have made.

It is only you who can take different action in order to create the change you want in your life.

So how canal this play out?

Corporate Values

All organizations live and breathe like an individual entity. Upper management mirrors senior leadership actions, middle management adjust and direct according to upper management behaviors, and staff aligns and responds to the direction, language, and behavior of their environment.

To change corporate environment the individuals who are your top leadership must embrace and model the change or be changed. Otherwise, choices made in the past will continue.

Personal Values

As an individual as well as a person in a relationship, you are living according to deep beliefs and values. When you use or hear language such as:

  • I need you to…
  • You should have done…
  • What I want from you…

This language indicates that you are not taking responsibility for your results and you have not clearly communicated what you have been saying you expect from a relationship or from yourself. For example:

You say I love you. Do you also say, what this looks like for me is when I come home from work, I need some down time and space to unwind for a bit? I also need to be along when I am angry because I process what is going on with me. Later w will be able to discuss it. So, can you give me the space to be who I am?

How can I know what is important to you if you do not let me know? How can you let me know what is important to you if you haven’t asked yourself what that really is?

Spiritual Values

Many of you were raised with certain religious beliefs and many of you have also gone on a personal journey to redefine these beliefs and create your own framework for life. When there is a disconnect between what you think your spiritual norms are and how you live your life you can create personal chaos and confusion. You bring in feelings of guilt, shame, fear or can live with unexplained anxiety.

How you live, the choices you make, and the actions you take reflect your deep-rooted beliefs and incongruency to what you think to be true creates unworthiness and lack in your life.

Becoming aware and connected to your values, taking responsibility for your actions, and being accountable for your results are the individual steps you can take to make clear and conscious choices.

Become aware of who you are, make conscious choices that align with your personal blueprint, and live a life connected to your purpose. You know it’s time to take control of your life.

If not now, when?

Don’t go it alone.

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