Are you tired of this digging into your pain
Let The Past Remain Behind Me

Have you ever had an annual performance review where you spent some time focused on “areas of improvement?” Maybe you’ve been to self help events where you work on uncovering your pain. You might even have engaged a coach or a physiologist who asked that you list your fears and anxieties.

Are you tired of this digging into your pain? I know I am.

Here’s is why

If you are not in a state of anxiety or pain, then when you are asked to find it you are being asked to actually re-create it. You bring up what is in the past and re-live this experience in the present. Your neurological system, your physiology and mental state, your whole being responds as though this is happening right now, in the present. You, once again, get the opportunity to deal with this incident to bring it to resolution.  

When digging is not valid

If you know your subconscious mind and you also understand how your ego and thoughts get triggered, you are on the right path. If you then also utilize your tools to resolve your blocks and restrictions that have come up, then they are not an issue. You understand that fear is what your unconscious mind presents to you when you try to do anything not in your current comfort zone. With this understanding you have also developed your blueprint to move forward, releasing that fear, and gaining support from your inner self.

Not all fear goes away but all fear can be reframed to drive you forward.

Therefore, when you are asked to dig up a fear or restraint that is not actually showing up right now you are being asked to be vulnerable with no valuable outcome and will need to re-engage your tools for resolution.

When digging is valid

The time to excavate is when fear is showing up in your life right now in a way that prevents you from taking action. When you want to go to that networking event, but just can’t get there. It is when you want to build your business/career and take it to the next level, but your life is already too busy for you to make a change. It’s when you yearn for that relationship, yet you haven’t been able to sustain a healthy one yet.

It’s when you recognize that what you want seems unattainable and the toolkit is no longer working that you reach out for help and guidance to shine the light into that dark corner and bring a healthier you forward.

So next time you are asked to list your top fears, list your top strengths instead. The next time you are focused on areas of improvement, remind yourself of your areas of excellence. The next time you are asked to change something that just does not resonate with you, simply say. “thank you for your input, but what I am doing right now works really well.”

Simply say no.

Become aware of who you are, make conscious choices that align with your personal blueprint, and live a life connected to your purpose. You know it’s time to take control of your life.

If not now, when?

You don’t have to go there alone.

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