Choose Choices That Serve You

Do you or someone you know make choices based on negative assumptions? Are you aware that this is even a part of your belief system?

Assumptions are the mechanisms your brain uses to filter, sort, and distort information in order to create your reality. They guide your perception and determine the way you respond to your environment. Most of you are not consciously aware that your choices are made based on these deep-rooted beliefs every day and not all your beliefs are positive and supportive of your success.

For example:


Many of you have a financial objective and abundance is a goal you are trying to achieve. You are attempting to get from your current state of living into a different state and yet the lack of wealth can lead you to negative thoughts about money. You need to make more, do more, have more and your reach to be outside your comfort zone might bring feelings of frustration. When you focus on these negative thoughts and feelings you actually block your success in manifesting wealth.


When you take on the belief “I am not good enough” you are comparing yourself to others and find that you are lacking. This creates a feeling of inferiority, a need for perfection, and you live believing that “The grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.” You might even believe that by believing you are not good enough you create inspiration to be even better, when actually these thoughts create restrictions to success as your energy goes into a negative spiral.


“People can’t be trusted.” Maybe you were hurt at some point in your life and some of you might have held on to that pain. As a means of protection, you create a shield of distrust. When you don’t feel safe letting others in you also are unable to truly connect with others. Your lack of trust causes you to seek-out situations to support this belief and focus on distrusting events. You create an energy that attracts people into your life that cannot be trusted, and you put up blocks to building meaningful relations.

You cannot create abundance, have success, or develop meaningful relationships from choices based on negative assumptions. It is not energetically possible.

Where are you with looking at your beliefs and being curious about your choices. Are they negative assumptions? Do your choices support your continued development and movement forward? Are you living a life congruent with your core purpose?

Changing your life takes conscious choice, energetic strategic awareness, and a blueprint that is yours alone. Start making choices that serve your purpose.

If not now, when?

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