Do You Deserve What You Desire

There are many blocks and restrictions you, or someone you know, deal with every day. The one I come across often in my Empowerment Coaching is feeling that you do not deserve something.

Money issues might show up if you grew up believing that abundance was something that happened to other people, you might think you’re not good enough to be wealthy. Money is the root of all evil…Money does not buy happiness…I’d rather be happy than rich.

You believe you do not deserve happiness . You look back and see only what went wrong, only remember the people you hurt, can only feel the sadness you have experienced, or you hang on to regrets for your actions.

You are your own worst critic. You constantly criticize your actions. This trait shows up frequently in the perfectionist. “No one can criticize me more than I criticize myself.” If happiness is based on who you are, and who you are manifests in what you do, and if everything has to be perfect, the likelihood of your success is very slim.

We all deserve success, happiness, and abundance.

Is your unworthiness belief getting in your way? It’s time to make a shift in your perspective and create your new reality.

If not now, When

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