Get to the Root and Get Curious

All of you have shed tears from time to time and have heard that this is cleansing, an emotional release. Today we are discussing what happens when your cleansing is due to moving that huge emotional boulder that you’ve been carrying around your entire life.

It takes some bravery to peek under your covers. You absolutely have to be brutally honest with yourself as to why you are shedding those tears. Are they for self-pity, are they reliving the moment, or are they releasing the block that has held you in place? It is only when you get to the root and move that pain out that you finally find release.

We all live within the constraints of Universal Laws and one is the law of Polarity. You experience good and bad, happy and sad, or positive and negative. Knowing this gives you the choice to manage your response and your reality. The way you manage your emotions is based on your choices and how you perceive, process, and cope with these moments.

When you feel that welling up, let go and cry. Do so with the conscious choice of intending to let go. Release in a place that is safe and in a way that causes no harm to you or others. Just go ahead and cry.  Crying is a physical release of emotion (Energy in Motion) and you are allowing the energy you have bottled up to begin to flow again. Watch as the very pain flows out.

Take the time to understand what the root cause of these emotions are. Dig deep. This your opportunity to look yourself square in the mirror with honesty, love, and a true desire to let go. This is emotional cleansing, moving those blocks and restrictions out of the way and allow healing, love, and laughter flow in.

Digging deep means being honest with yourself, warts and all. And now back to the Law of Polarity. You are governed by that law and it means every wonderful and positive aspect of who you are comes with its very own shadow. Digging deep means you acknowledge your role in how life’s events play out and understand that there are different perspectives of these events. Dig into the root of your pain, sadness. fear, guilt, shame and replace your moments with understanding, forgiveness and love.

Remember who you are at a Soul level, your top non-negotiable core values, and your vision as to who you are in this lifetime. Step back and detach from those beliefs, decisions, or choices that no longer serve a purpose in your life and create a reality that is yours alone.

Be curious, be honest, and open to letting go in this moment and make choices congruent to who you are.

If not now, when?

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