Escape into a Book

What’s your poison? Shopping, eating, and drinking are examples of things you might do to avoid discomfort, sadness, anger, or pain.  Get lost in the television, a video game, or a movie. Read a book, do some crosswords, or go out for a ride to nowhere.

The truth is that sometimes it is healthy to take a moment for you to forget everything that’s happening around you. When approached with healthy boundaries, small escapes are like mini vacations for your inner soul to step back and heal.

A healthy break from the mundane helps you feel more energized and refreshed. It gives you an opportunity to reflect and resolve. It is a chance to escape from emails, voicemails, texts and your to-do-lists. It provides a chance to step back from grief, guilt, or loss.

Escape is unhealthy when you have no boundaries and, when you return to this world of I-have-tos, you do not address the work to be done, the problem to be solved, or the feeling at hand. It is when your escape is running from a problem or a bad situation rather than a breather before addressing a solution.

When escaping gets out of control it is a time for you to get honest with yourself and get back into the game called life.

  • Practice breathing to release your stress (Yoga is all about the breath) and find the tools that work for you. Cry it out, journal, meditate, work with a coach
  • Create a support system of trusted friend that can consciously support your journey through issues or an Empowerment coach or life coach that can hold the space for you as you work with your feelings
  • Create an emotional work through journal/binder where you can create a collage, write poems, attach memes, all of which help uplift your spirit and guide you to resolution.

Escaping is healthy until it’s not. Choose to utilize your time wisely.

If not now, When?

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