You Hold The World

Have you, or someone you know, ever wanted to do something, go someplace, or achieve something and have literally gotten to the front door and turned around? How about having a desire so strong you could feel it and felt frozen in moving forward? Maybe there was someone you wanted to reach out to, say something to, or connect with in some way and you just avoided facing this event?

Sometimes this evasion actually stops you from achieving something you desire. Maybe a better relationship or connection to advance your career. What have you missed? What avenue of potentiality did you not experience? What comfort zone are you in that is so strong that avoiding desired actions wins?

Welcome to the world of your unconscious mind taking you out of the game. “Better the devil you know than the devil you don’t.”

What happens to you here is that you remain securely within your comfort zone and steadfastly in a particular vibrational state.

You might have heard me say that we are all made up of moving particles and everything is energy in motion. You might also be someone who consciously tries to reach a particular goal, and then, something comes up that pushes it aside. And then for some, sometimes facing yourself is the biggest challenge of the day.

In order to make a shift in your life you must first believe you deserve it. Because everything is vibrational the ability for you to go beyond your fear and achieve what your heart desires means you must emit the frequency of that vibrational state first.

Once you create a clear intention and can envision what success looks like, you have created a vibration blueprint. See it, feel it, touch it, taste it, hear it, know it like you never knew anything before.

Your reality in this life is aligned to what you’re feeling, so live as though this vision of you is so. What will happen is that you begin to consistently send clear frequencies that are not aligned with how you currently live and then new opportunities begin to show up.

Focus and activate the vibration of what you want, make choices as though this vision of you exists, and because you feel a certain way, you become that way. You are the leader vibrationally, choices aligned with your vibrational state brings change, and manifestation matches what you are emitting.

Feel good without the evidence that life is good and then you are able to accomplish this state of being before it is evident. Accept you are a naturally good feeling being. Practice alignment until you can go anywhere, be with anyone, do anything, and maintain your vibration. Even when it frightens you.

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