Choice and Change

Clutter (or chaos) is a fact of life, it is the state you enter when change begins. It is in these moments that you must be willing to transform your fear into action as it is only through action that change can truly occur.

There are a few things you can consciously choose to do in order to ride through the current storm and clear the clutter, providing you the opportunity to make even better decisions.


Most people live their life in routine and patterns; avoiding conflict, lying, or acting out of anger. Take an honest look at the repeating events in your life, be honest with yourself, and choose to respond differently. You must first recognize you have a repeating pattern, and then you have the power to make a different choice.


Just like many of the items you accumulate in life, clutter winds up at the bottom of the drawer, in the back of closets, or hidden deep in the basement. Take the time to excavate and take a hard look at those events that are holding you back, causing you pain, or getting in the way of your purpose.


The stories of your life are just that, stories. Step away from your ego, shift your perspective, look at the current situation based on the current circumstances and from the point of view of everyone involved. Then look at it from someone not invested in the outcome at all. Open up to other potential “realities,” release your need to hang on and be right, and step into the realm of solutions.


Forgiving others relieves your stress, relaxes your physical tension, and sets you free from the pain of the past. Those who transgressed do not need to know you have forgiving them, they can be alive or not, they can be present or not. Simply state out loud “I forgive you,” believe it, and your will is done.

Self-forgiveness is an important step in changing your results, in all aspects of your life. Forgive yourself for that stupid relationship argument, that mistake at work, that really bad decision. You and I are human and are making choices every moment. Learn from your mistakes, be thankful for your ability to recognize you can change, verbally forgive yourself, then move on.

You have the ability to be empowered with self-reflection and truth. You can clear your clutter and become even more conscious of how to make choices that are clear and perfectly aligned with who you are. Get past the clutter in your life.

If not now, when?

Choose clarity or not. Either way, you have chosen.

Gail Kraft, Author, Trainer, Strategist, and Mentor guides her clients in navigating their relationship to life.

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