“Expect the unexpected when you least expect it” “The Unexpected When You Least Expect it” from the story “According To You (Just Like You #2)” by Kyra Blackthorn

My goodness life happens and there are times you want to shout, “stop the world I want to get off!” Still, you find yourself faced with the next moment, then the next, and then the next.

Unexpected events happen all the time, some small shifts, and some very large ones. There are also times when it seems like multiple things are out of synch in your life all at the very same moment. The chaos can feel overwhelming.

When the truly “large” events rear up in your life your brain goes into protection mode. This means fear, real or imagined. Your instinct is fight or flight, where you may make some very hasty decisions before looking for alternatives. Or you may freeze, not making any decisions ar all.

In his book “The In-Between” Jeff Goins covers techniques you could use for managing these unexpected happenings.

Slow down

If you are waiting for perfection or if you have pre-conceived ideas as to how “things” are supposed to be, you will miss opportunities presenting themselves right now. Take your time and live in this moment. Breathe deeply and notice your breath and expansion of your body in order to bring your mind back to right now.

Let go

There are times that even minor inconveniences are infuriating. When was the last time you were cut off, found yourself waiting in the slow line, or was passed from person to person for customer service? These moments are opportunities to get curious about what is really frustrating you and taking your power away. Anger is force, not power.

Be grateful

Once you let go and relax you are able to look for the lesson in this moment.  Maybe your impatience is due to something made up and you can take this as a opportunity for growth and a shift in perspective. Maybe this delay provides an opportunity to reevaluate something else in your life. Maybe this experience in one that plays out frequently and you might want to take this time to discover how to avoid repeating this scenario.

What I have learned to be true:

  • I know I am loved
  • This too shall pass
  • I am grateful—if not for all things then in all things
  • I forgive without judgment
  • I move on and do the next right thing
  • I Pray, meditate, ruminate, reflect… it matters
  • I gather the lessons and the gifts and continue to grow even more

What more can you do in this moment to hone your skill of bouncing back from life’s unexpected happenstance and regroup, re-center, and reconvene with your life always?


Clients working with Gail experience major shifts in their lives as they learn how to navigate life’s experiences with ease and grace using their language, honing their energy, and focusing their intention. Are you ready to navigate more smoothly? If not now, when?

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