When Knocking on The Door is Not Enough

mainFor many of you, the search for the right pathway and the means to achieve your goals seems to be the mystery of all time. It often comes down to being at the right place at the right time and knowing the right people when you are ready.

Is it really just dumb luck or is there something else at work here? If it’s just happenstance, then what is the point of planning, projecting and envisioning the life you were meant to have?

Although it seems like some people have all the luck it truly is that these people are open and aware of the opportunities around them each day and know when to be still, and just let the door open. They are working with universal laws of nature and settle into the natural flow.

The Law of Gestation

There is a time for everything to come together. Honor the amount of time it take to realize your objective.

Law of Rhythm

What you focus on, you bring into your life. When the pendulum is down, what are you focusing on:

  • Your bad luck
  • Your lack, whether it be of finances, good health, helpful friends
  • Your anger

There’s a rhythm that occurs at all times and, if you don’t like where you are, focus on where you want to be.

These are just two of the natural laws of the universe to govern the ebb and flow of your life. What can you do to start tapping into these laws and begin “holding space” and allowing your objectives to unfold? Begin by creating and stating your intentions.

Intention is desire in action. Where there is intent, there is purpose and there is action

Hold a conscious intention of the thing you desire. State your intention with the presupposition that this, in some way, is already happening and with the desire for guidance or support. Be sure you are intending to do no harm and your desire is in harmony with you. Trust how you feel when you state your intention and change it if any part of you objects. For example, if you are looking to make more money in your life, then you might state this intention this way:

What more can I do right now to bring even more affluence into my life in a way that is completely in balance with my highest purpose and created from love?

  • Focus on the realness of your intention as if this already exists
  • Think, speak and act as if you already have it
  • Take inspired action as the ways and means to make it a tangible reality
  • Detach and allow the perfection and simplicity of the process to provide the desired results

Trust and the doors of opportunity you knock on will open. Let Kraft Bravery and Your Business help you transform your career and your life. Contact me today for more support in getting more out of your life right now. I am simply here as your resource, to empower you to become as focused and clear as possible. Now is the time to make an empowered decision and transform your life, your business and your career today. Contact us now, there is so much that we can accomplish when we’re together.


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