The Mystery of Words

Do you find, at times, you rant to yourself or to others and use words such as “this is killing me,” “This is too hard.” or “I’m stupid?” Have you ever taken the time to examine how you feel when you use this language, how this affects those around you or how this might determine who and what is attracted to you? Your proclamations are dramatic and prophetic. Your choice of words is a reflection of your energy, the vibration level you are at and, like a magnet, this vibration attracts the people you associate with and determines what opportunities you are aware of. Wouldn’t it be great if you could raise your vibration and attract better choices in your life simply by changing your words?

The words you use reflect your state of mind. Even when you are joking your words mirror how you really feel. What you speak is the truth for you, therefore you create truth from your words. Take a moment and get curious about your language. Are there other choices you could have made to better express yourself in a more positive manner?

What you say, hear, and believe about yourself alchemizes into your internal dialogue and creates the parameters by which you make choices throughout your life. Why not live at the highest vibration? Why not live being aware of the most powerful choices? Why not live with reduced stress and increased joy?

Are you ready to begin? Listen to your language. Begin with disempowering words such as can’t and try and replace these choices with more empowering language. Rather than use can’t try using difficult or challenging. The word try presupposes failure. Why not presuppose success?

Every time you catch yourself using less than empowering language, rephrase and reframe what you are communicating. If you are unable to at the moment, take time a little later write out potential alternatives. Circle any negative word and re-write it again until you have a powerful positive way to communicate your intention.

Embrace your new way of communicating and revise your language into a more powerful, updated reflection of you. Kraft your language, Kraft your life, and Kraft your results today. Kraft Bravery and Your Business can help you change your life today. Go ahead and contact us today.


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