I thank the universe every day for opening the door & letting you in. I feel myself getting stronger every day. …. It won\'t be long before I get in my Wonder Woman jet to take you with me down the Red Carpet!! With love & peace. Your grasshopper!! - A. Pasquale
Gail Kraft … is a true inspiration and amazing resource and person. She is relatable, approachable, wonderful to talk with and so much more. I would highly recommend Gail and her services as a business coach and mentor for any business owner or person working independently or struggling to "take the next step". She really gets opens up many doors that you may not think are feasible. - M. Rosen
After observing firsthand how Gail applied her corporate coaching practice, and seeing how valuable the tools she applied were, I signed up … The sessions were incredibly valuable, and the insights Gail helped me to gain, as well as the strategies she helped me to think through and then implement, have had an immediate and very positive impact in my life. … She has the ability to ask the right questions to guide the conversation, and then zero in on the most critical nuggets of information in a seemingly free-form discussion. I would highly recommend Gail …and I'm very glad I had the chance to work with her at a pivotal time in my personal life. - S. Blackwell
I must admit that I have been skeptical of business coaches/consultants in the past. However, when I first met with Gail she managed to ...'tick all the boxes...' from the perspective of both having an extensive business background combined with an ability to understand my personal goals… Gail … is honest, to the point, and forces me to take responsibility. Not all coaches have the ability to do this (some treat you as a customer, so rarely challenge you - I like to be challenged). I strongly recommend that anyone talk with Gail if they need a little help focusing on what their real goals are and how to get there. - F. Cassidy