Powerful Thoughts

They’re only words, they don’t really mean anything; it’s the intention of the speaker that matters. Is this really true? Do you even know the true intention behind the words someone else uses? Can you honestly say you have never used words with harmful intentions at some point in your life?

As Homo-sapiens we think in pictures and feelings and have learned to translate them into language patterns. The result is that your words are linked to pictures and feelings. So how can you really believe it when you say words will never hurt you when language is linked to emotion?

It is also these very words, linked to images and emotions, that have shaped your values, built your belief system and have created your self-image. You have built your world based on what you believe to be true based on feelings and images. Key words and phrases have linked themselves to your emotions and have driven your choices up ‘till now. You reinforce your beliefs with the words you use in your thoughts. Think for a moment, do some of these common “limiting” beliefs people utter sound familiar to you?

  • I ‘m not safe
  • I don’t belong
  • I lack value
  • I am powerless
  • I am defective
  • I’m not good enough

Every time you say or think any of these, and numerous other statements, you are reinforcing your belief system and making choices that prove these to be true for you. Words have the power to sustain your life, to shape your life, and to change your life. Words can change everything as they shift your perspective, change what you know, determine how you interact with people and shape the decisions you ultimately make. They can disillusion you or inspire you to greatness. Why not follow your “I am” statements with empowering language?

  • I am where I belong
  • I have integrity
  • I know that my experienced will make me stronger and wiser
  • I know other people’s behavior is about their beliefs only
  • I focus on the joy in my life and am a positive force in this world

You know you are ready to let go and change your life. Take action right now, and working with Kraft Bravery and Your Business you will get even more out of your career, your business, and your life today.

“if you realized how powerful your thoughtsare, you would never think a negative thought.” ~ Peace Pilgrim


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