Let Your Quest Begin!

Zen stone path in a Japanese Garden

Zen stone path in a Japanese Garden

Do you or anyone you know make statements such as, “I’m invisible,” “I feel stuck and frustrated,” or “There is something else I am supposed to be doing?” You are not alone and there is good news! There are steps you can take to become visible, to feel empowered and to move in your life’s direction. This is your personal quest and you never ending story.

Before you can begin your journey it’s time to start dreaming again. Dreams help you build a solid vision and with vision you have passion and with passion you are able to set meaningful goals. So are you in? Then let’s begin your personal quest. Go ahead and find a favorite spot to think and dream; this might be a favorite coffee shop, a park, or a special room in your home. Go wherever it helps you to think, relax and have fun while you begin your journey.

Get Curious

If this were the perfect world, no financial constraints, no technology constraints and you were fully capable, what makes your heart sing?

  • What do you currently do or want to do?
  • What types of people would you love to work with?
  • What environment is important to you?
  • Why are these important to you?

Answer these questions with as many items as you can. This should be a long list and may take you some time. Have fun and be creative.

Now, what is one thing that you long to have more of in your life? Did this show up in your exercise? If not, then add it and expand on what this would mean for you.

Get Specific

Now take your list and prioritize it and where there are similarities combine them. Based on these results what is the #1 thing you would like to be doing right now? Now answer these questions fully and completely.

  • What does ________ mean?
  • What doesn’t _______ mean?
  • I have ____________ in my life because?
  • I don’t have _________ in my life because?

Let the Quest Begin

It’s time to gather information about your dream. Identify at least 2 people you know (or get introduced to 2 people) who are in the field/industry you are targeting. Invite them out to coffee (this is a 30 minute commitment only) to explore what they do. Explain that you are looking at opportunities in this area and want to learn about the climate today and how things are changing. You want to ask questions such as:

  • What is it about what you do that excites you every morning?
  • If you had to pick one, what is your biggest challenge and how would you like to see it resolved?

You can add other questions based on the answers you get, remember this is a short meeting and it is about them. At the end of the meeting, recap what you heard with an emphasis on the good things presented. Let this person know you are looking for information and would really appreciate it if they could introduce you to someone else (one or two people) you could also interview. An email introduction would be great.

Have an introductory email script ready before your meeting so you can give this to your interviewee to use as an introduction to their referral you are asking for. This way they have what you want them to say and they are not uncomfortable creating the email on your behalf.

At the end of your quest (two or three months) you will have a rounded view of the industry you are considering and you can see where your current capabilities might fit. Now you can build your plan to enter the world of the career you are passionate about. GO FOR IT!

Kraft Bravery and Your Business helps you transform your career and your life. Contact me today for more support in getting more out of your life right now. I am simply here as a powerful resource for you, to empower you to become as focused and clear on your goals as possible. And we both know this is what you desire too so now is the time to make an empowered decision and schedule your coaching sessions today. There is so much that we can accomplish when we’re together.


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