Hot Gossip

Or is gossip really hot? Have you ever walked away from a conversation with someone and felt drained or exhausted? Have you ever walked away from a conversation feeling hurt, upset or angry? Chances are you are reacting to a dialogue of harm you just participated in. Think about your most recent scenario and what exactly was that discussion like? Is it possible that the majority of that discussion was hurtful to someone and gossip based; destructive rather than enlightening and constructive? Gossip is harmful to the person being talked about and it is also harmful to you.
When there is a gap in details we tend to make stuff up and fill in the blanks. You probably know the communication exercise where a story is whispered to one person and by the time it goes around the room the end result is completely different. This is what happens with gossip; the truth is not really being told, but rather a filtered version of what the speaker believes to be true.
Take a moment and reflect on exactly what your conversations are like. You might find many of them are at the expense of another person. When you engage in this type of dialogue are you at your highest level and do you understand how this behavior might affect how people relate to you?
In the very first job I had, my breaks and lunch times were spent with the same group of ladies. What I discovered is that when one woman was not in attendance the others gossiped about her. I quickly realized that I probably was a subject of discussion when not present and made a comment that “we are not all perfect sitting here right now so who are we to judge?” That did not go over really well but it did begin my journey of asking questions like; “what exactly is the intent of this discussion right now? Does this serve the highest purpose possible?”
Gossip also affects:
Your Honesty and Self-Esteem
People begin to see you as a perpetrator of gossip and, even worse, you will begin to see yourself in this light. People will wonder about you and will not feel safe sharing information. As you continue down this path chances are you do not trust yourself and you may be feeling conflicted and confused.
People Get Hurt
Have you ever been the object of gossip or false rumors? Then you understand how harmful this is. Even when the stories are false, you feel betrayed, embarrassed, and angry. When you gossip about people it may be because you’ve just gotten into the habit of this type of dialogue. Whatever your reason, listen to your words and assess the intent of each conversation.
Everything is energy and as you put out information that is not constructive you create a field around you that attracts like-minded people and events. You are, therefore, most likely associating with people who gossip. Your conversations are at the cost of someone else and others are holding conversations at the cost of you. When you change what you talk about and how you speak you change your energy, you change the people you associate with, and you change your choices in life. You have the power to choose the high road, the highest purpose, and the best possible outcome.
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