AWHIA_BookCoverAuthentic Women Have It All by Gail Kraft explores how women can look at their life differently and achieve their full potential. Authentic Women Have It All discusses how women’s life’s challenges differ and the solutions this difference offers should be embraced. Gail is dedicated to helping women create new thought processes that be empowered to succeed in their relationships, finances, work, health, and spiritual life. This book will encourage the reader to challenge their beliefs, find their values, and guide their lives accordingly.

  • The reader will explore the interlinking cycle of beliefs, values, actions and outcomes that reinforce each other
  • She will see that as she hones her skill at being authentic she starts to become more powerful and that power feeds into her beliefs, driving her to succeed
  • The book demonstrates how she has the power to change her world
  • The reader will learn that rekindling her femininity brings balance back to the world

Although authenticity has value for both men and women, this book focusses on unique beliefs for women to examine.

Women focus on the big picture, community and its safety. They are able to see the train wreck coming and can adjust accordingly. Gail provides her reader with insight into who she really is and gives her the tools, knowledge, and understanding to succeed.

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