ADHD, ADD, OCD…Why am I Easily Distracted

Procrastination controlling your life?

You are working online and the next thing you know three hours have passed by and you’ve been surfing the internet. You sit down to get some work done and answer just one text and the next thing you know it’s dinner time. You sit on the couch just to relax for a moment, switch on a show to watch and the next thing you know you wake up and have lost the day. Are you stricken with a distraction disorder?

Getting lost in distractions from time to time is not a problem when your mind is taking a much needed break. However, when these distractions occur unconsciously and on a regular basis you have lost control of your life and are in a cycle of procrastination and avoidance.

Procrastination occurs when you postpone the inevitable. When you know you need to move forward; your heart starts to beat faster, your blood runs through your veins quicker, your throat constricts, you can’t eat or can’t stop eating, your breathing is shallow, and so on; any number of signs of stress creeping into your life. So you procrastinate, which results in being stuck, feeling guilty, and losing focus and fear increases because you procrastinate! Compounding this cycle is that the stress you are feeling is exhausting, so you are tired and sleep more, and so the cycle continues.

It’s time to break this cycle! When you realize you are heading into a procrastination habit, breathe in deeply and calmly. Take some time to have a curious and honest conversation with yourself about why you are taking time out. Explore your feelings, your situation and your options. Seek guidance in this exploration to mirror back your thoughts, beliefs and results. Project what you want to do instead and what outcome do you want. Dig deep and approach this conversation out of love and honesty.

While you explore why you are procrastinating there are actions you can take to re-energize and make conscious choices in your life:

  • Step outside for 15 minutes and walk. Fresh air gets you refocused

  • Add an exercise routine to your schedule two to three times a week. Movement stimulates your energy

  • Find a social group or volunteer your time a few times a week. Interacting with people lifts your spirits

When you take control of your life and make conscious choices you no longer worry about ADHD, ADD, and OCD. Once you become aware that you have the ability to make choices, a decision you make to not take on a task you are avoiding is still a decision. Be honest that you are procrastinating and clarify why you have made this choice. The most important question you can ask yourself in everything you choose to do is why. When you choose to procrastinate you are making a choice and the stress from delay affects you physically, emotionally and mentally. Get unstuck, get moving and begin the healing processes right now.

Kraft Bravery and Your Business, together we can get you in motion. Unfocussed, unbalanced, unhappy, contact me today and get unstuck now.


What a Bummer

Even the happiest person you know has experienced times in his or her life where things just were terrible. You are one of those people who have a life that is not always smooth. You have a plan, you have a direction and something throws you off track. When this happens you are free falling out of control and there is a potential for the negative energy that shows up in your life to take over.

There is plenty of advice available to help you get past these moments but when you are physically, mentally and emotionally breaking down it is difficult to hear chin up and it is difficult to believe everything happens for a reason.

Let’s take a little different approach then, shall we?

It is my belief that there are two certainties in the universe. The first is that we are emotional beings and every emotion boils down to love or anger. The second is that everything is energy and we can control the energy in our lives once we set our intention to do so.

If these are true, what is happening when the negative energy enters your life and things are not going as planned? You place more value on the situation than you should and by doing so, you draw in more negative energy. The cycle now feeds on itself and it becomes difficult to pull yourself out. You begin to care about the opinion of others and lose focus on your actual goal and why this is so very important.

You need to get past personalizing the situation as it has nothing to do with your worth. What is truly happening is that something has changed in your life and what was working before is no longer doing so. To get to your destination now requires a different route. Remember your why for your goal. Take a look at your options and adjust your approach. What is the worst that can happen? What can you do to mitigate the risk of this actually happening?

You might need to make some changes that you would rather not make. When you think of your options are you hearing words like “can’t,” “won’t,” or “unable?” If any reason comes to mind that is a block to solutions then you are working from a personal self-worth image and are concerned about what others might think. This too is negative energy and self-destructive.

Step out of yourself and speak to yourself as though you were a friend. Write down all the solutions and changes to approach that come to mind without judgment. What approach would you recommend to your friend? If it did not matter what others thought of you or what you thought of yourself, what approach would you take? I believe you might have an answer now.

The true trap of terrible times is the self-loathing spiral you find yourself in the middle of. Are you experiencing self-love or self-anger? What energy are you pulling in? What energy are you emanating? Step outside yourself and take advise from your closest expert, you. Take the steps you need to take to succeed and let the stories others have to tell amuse them, not you. You can laugh all the way to achieving your goals, you’re just taking a side road to get there.

Take control of your life, what you take in affects who you are. Take control and Kraft your results, Kraft Bravery and Your Business can help you change the story you’re in the middle of.


Leadership Mistakes have Hidden Costs

At some point you have an opportunity to be in a leadership role, where you need to motivate people to do something on your behalf. You also are open to new ideas in order to be the best that you can be. If you need to choose what to focus on during your time at the helm, put your energy towards mistakes that can cost you money.

Failure to Delegate

The first time I faced the impact of this was when my leader and first mentor asked me some key questions.

  • “Did you hire this staff” to which I said “yes”
  • “Did you train this staff” to which I said “yes”
  • “Do you trust this staff” to which I said “yes”
  • “Then I need you to let them do their job because I need you free to do yours.”

This was a pretty powerful discussion for me. The paradigm I was facing is that I got this position because I was a top performer. As such, when the team was in a bind, it seemed easier for me to take on the extra load and push through the work myself. Meanwhile, I did train and mentor the team, so they had the capability and the tool set to do the work.

By me taking on the overload of work I took away the opportunity for my staff to make overtime pay and I also masked that reality that we needed extra help. When I stepped away from doing the work we had numbers that made sense and actually hired two additional staff to the team.

When you fail to delegate the costly impact is:

  1. You stay late at the office or bring work home

What is happening to your personal life, your family life and your health? Are you focusing on the right things or are you focusing on the many things? Are you maximizing your effectiveness in meetings or are you showing up at all meetings all the time? Leaders who burn both ends of the candle and do not delegate are holding back their own opportunity for growth. If you are not mentoring your replacement, you are not going any further.

  1. You’re living in last minute mode and miss key deadlines

There is nothing worse than feeling like you are functioning in fire drill mode. Life is a marathon and when you are living in a constant sprint mode you burn yourself and those you interact with out very quickly. Your advocates and supporters get tired of the last second requests. Your staff starts to resent the after-hours and weekend assignments. Your leadership starts to devalue your work as it is last minute or way too comprehensive.

Burning your staff out is a demotivator, your team will become gun-shy of your intentions, and you will lose support of your advocates over time. The cost is productivity decreases as motivation decreases and time spent on your last minute changes is time taken away from driving results. Why are you involved in this activity to begin with? Why has this not been delegated to someone else to complete?

Count up the hours this month you spent on re-working a presentation that was ok (just not perfect). Did the information change from the original presentation or did the format change? Now count up the hours spent on the re-work times the number of people involved plus materials wasted. What are you costing the organization now?

  1. You’re feeling stressed or under constant pressure

Stress impacts your health, your focus and your ability to solve problems. When you are constantly under pressure it impacts your ability to see the bigger picture. When you are not looking ahead then you are focused on the details that can keep you stuck. When you hold onto work and do not delegate to your team you put undue stress on yourself, your position and your personal life.

You eventually start to feel as though you are unable to manage your time. This will result in resentment toward your company and may reflect onto your staff. Stress is a major factor in job burn-out and strained interactions with staff, peers and leadership. This emotional reflection of you is a detractor to a healthy and productive work environment.

Learn to let go of the reins, develop a strong team and trust your staff to want to do an outstanding job. Get clear with what you want, get specific with why you want it and take action today.

Kraft Bravery and Your Business, unfocused, unbalanced or unhappy, get unstuck while you uncover how to achieve your dreams.


Kraft Clarity Get Proven Results

Making a change in your life is both exciting and frightening. Sometimes you might even resist change as you don’t want to let go or you are not sure if the change is right.

It’s ok to be a bit nervous. Let me briefly share three stories with you that demonstrate how making small changes can have big results.

No one can do it as good as I can
I am sure you never said this yourself, but you might know someone who believes this is true. I had a client entrepreneur that did absolutely everything and believed that each step was her signature touch. After a little work on how to let go she was able to pry some work from her hands and outsource to vendors that actually did a pretty good job. The result by the way, a year later she had a net 30% increase in her business. Finding more time means being available for more income generating activities.

I’m expected to be a successful entrepreneur
You may know someone who might say something like “my business is getting me down.” This client had a belief that to be a success in his dad’s eyes meant he had to run his own business; this was expected. When we narrowed down exactly what he really needed to achieve to feel successful we identified key satisfiers relevant in a corporate job. He found the perfect fit, engaged in a side hobby he had been longing for and worked with his wife for financial freedom investments. Both dad and he think he is quite successful in achieving his dreams. Be sure you define your success in a manner that aligns with what you truly need.

I have no voice, I am invisible
Have you ever met someone who believes he or she were so small that no one listens to them? This client wanted to quit work, run away from home and retreat from the world. This was not a question of capability, but a question of voice and energy. Our first priority, fix her relationship at work. I had her purchase lingerie she would never ever wear and actually wear this under her outfit to work. She did (brave woman). Because of the shift in her energy she showed up differently in the office. Two weeks later her CEO asked her to help him build his next empire. She has since been promoted, goes out on client calls and is building a top notch team in her organization. The energy you send out is the reflection of how you are perceived.

Get clear with what you want, get specific with why you want it and take action to make change today.

Kraft Bravery and Your Business, unfocused, unbalanced or unhappy, get unstuck while you uncover how to achieve your dreams


Seize the Lesson

Have you ever made a decision? Then it’s time for a lesson. You have the opportunity to enhance your skill as a leader every time you make a decision. I recently shared this lesson with a fellow business associate and I would like to extend this to you.

I attended a business networking group as a last minute substitute. The issue was that I had already committed to cover another member later in the month. This group’s rule is that you can substitute only once in a given month. The circumstances were:

I sent a text the previous evening to the president asking permission to cover as an exception. I had a previous commitment to another member that I intended to honor. The chapter member I was writing about had been trying to find a substitute for this day and was in a bind. I offered to help out if we got the okay from the president. When I did not hear back from my text the following morning I went to the meeting, explained the situation to the president and asked “What do you want to do?”

The decision; I was asked to leave and he would have someone coming as a guest cover as a substitute for the member. Stop the stories in your head; there are no right or wrong solutions, just options.

The most important thing you can do to develop your leadership skill is to hone your ability to tune into the infinite choices around you each and every moment so you make the best decision you can at the moment. As a person who makes choices you must learn to quickly analyze the impact of each opportunity and make the best loving and caring decision you can make that supports your goals.

Given the decision that was made what are your thoughts on the potential impact on:

  • Who does this decision serve
  • What impact does this have on leadership
  • What impact does this have on the team
  • What additional steps do you need to take, if any

Whenever you make a decision sit down and ask yourself these questions. Then identify three additional steps you could have taken, answering these questions for each one of them.

Hold on, the rest of you are not off the hook. When you are not in a position of leadership, but on the receiving end, you also should go through this process. What did my decision to show up impact? What other choices might I have had and what impact might those choices have had?

You are always in a position to make decisions, as a leader or otherwise. Be sure you hone your decision making skill, practice, practice and more practice will exercise your ability to quickly assess each situation and make a choice that serves everyone that is affected.

Become a self-educating machine and recognize your opportunity to grow. Kraft Bravery and Your Business can coach you along your path to becoming the best you there is. Start now, contact me today.


Signs of Living a Nightmare

Ask yourself, are you may be living with frustration, fear or anxiety and not even realize it? You may have had these feelings for so long that you believe this is normal.

There are many signs that you’re living in a nightmare and may not even know it. Here are just a few examples, do any of these sound familiar:

1.       You hate your job. Every Sunday you feel anxious about the next day at work

2.       You dread starting the day, struggle to get out of bed and feel tired as soon as you wake up

3.       Your life is a rut and you’re bored. You keep doing the same thing day in and day out and you can’t remember the last time you did anything for fun

4.       The grass is greener on the other side. You envy other people’s home, job, family, vacation…

5.       You spend more time online, with the television or puttering at home than you do with other people

6.       You hear yourself using language like “I’m Dumb,” I’m fat,” I’m unworthy.” You put yourself down and only see the negative in your life

7.       Your thoughts are on replay mode and you dwell on negatives from the past making you feel worthless or bitter

8.       You find yourself complaining about the same things you were a year ago, two years ago, it seems forever

9.       You find yourself saying things like “Tomorrow will be different” wishing away your life waiting for the future

10.   People fail to meet your expectations

Do you think that maybe it’s time for a change? It could be as simple as finding the right career for you or being brave enough to get in touch with what is feeding your nightmare. There are a few things you can do right now to shift how you are feeling. Before you can change, you need to be happy where you are right now.

Every evening:

1.     Write a list of things that went well that day

2.    Celebrate awesomeness (walk in the park, the sun on your face, fabulous dinner)

3.    Write a note of forgiveness to someone

4.    Write a note of appreciation to yourself

Every morning:

1.    When your feet hit the floor declare, out loud, that you love your life

2.    Take a moment (while brushing your teeth works) and plan how you will feel this day

3.    Read the note of appreciation you wrote to yourself

4.    Every time you say or think a negative thought reframe it from another person’s perspective in a positive way

5.    When bad things happen during the day pretend you are in PR and find the positive purpose


Get out of your head, get into your life and get engaged. It’s time to take action and take control of your career, your relationships and your life. Need help along the way, together we can bravely Kraft your way out of your nightmare and into living your life today.

Now is your time to change, Contact me today. Kraft Bravery and Your Business.


Dreamed Big? Big Deal

Inspiration without action is a dream and action without inspiration is a nightmare. I am a huge proponent of building your vision, of daily affirmations and of digging deep so you know why you are inspired to succeed. You have taken this journey and you are all revved up and ready to go! Now what? Get ready to work and Kraft your future!

Take your vision and articulate your goal as succinctly as possible. What is your desired end state? What does success look like to you? Be clear, be specific and be inspired.

Put a stake in a timeline as to when this will be real. Be Brave and pick an actual month, day and year. Write this down.

What are the small goals you need to take on the path to this outcome? Let’s say your goal is writing a book. Some small goals, milestones, might be; complete the outline, identify graphics, complete research, build communication strategy, half way through and ready for copyrights, forward completed, cover and so on. See what I mean? Kraft your plan. You now have milestones along the way. Put them in chronological order and give them dates to be completed.

CONGRATULATIONS, you are doing so well! You have Krafted the plan and it is time to work the plan and stay on track.

  • Each activity to achieve the first milestone should be noted on your calendar that you reference each day
  • Each morning think of your vision, visualize your success, believe you are on the right track
  • Each morning review your action items, and determine how you will achieve them that day
  • Each evening check off what you accomplished and celebrate your work well done
  • Each activity that slips gets moved forward, adjust your plan and approach, determine what got in the way and how you will react next time this happens
  • Each evening think of your vision, visualize your success, believe you are on the right track

Working the plan is where your bravery will be challenged. Review each day why this is important to be done. The inspiration that kicked this off is the motivation to keep you moving forward. Take one step at a time, it’s the small steps forward that will bring you success.

Kraft Bravery and Your Business, stay focused, stay motivated, and take one step at a time.



I Can’t Let You Go

It’s time to delegate and you keep hanging on

You pride yourself in being the perfect juggler. It is a badge of honor to brag about everything you have going and the time you just don’t have. Or maybe you have people in awe of how much you get done and still have time to play.

As your life expands with responsibilities, as your business grows and as your interests get more varied there are things you are still doing that need to either stop or be moved on to someone else to handle.

If you know that you could use a bit of time back in your life. If you know you are missing the kids growing up, the relations maturing, or the promotion or job opportunity then it’s time for you to decide WHAT NOT TO DO!

Begin with your personal life, this will get you in the habit:

Clear Clutter From Your Personal Life

Get rid of stuff. If you don’t keep it, you don’t need to organize it. Most clutter is the result of keeping things we don’t use.

Question each business activity:

Clear Clutter From Your Business Life

Verify that each moment counts. If what you are doing does not support your “WHY” and move you forward, stop or delegate. Time is often wasted on activities we don’t need to do

Make space in your life so you can actually LIVE your life. 

Want to know more about Krafting your goals and clearing your space? Contact me now for more information today and Kraft Bravery and Your Business.

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