Blowing Your Training Budget

How often have you sent your team to training only to find, 6 weeks later, nothing has changed? How often have you yourself gone to training, only to find you return to your previous routine and thought processes? Why is it that you want improvement yet seem to miss the mark?

When selecting a training course, business leaders many times are looking to change something in their culture such as improved communication skills, increased sales, or excellence in management execution. The problem here is in the training selection process and then in the follow through.

Your selection process

Exactly what is it that you are trying to achieve? Is what you want truly in alignment with your company’s core values? Are you willing and able to follow through and do what it takes to commit to the successful incorporation of this learning into your processes and into your culture?

There are many stories where an organization spends training dollars on their management team so they learn how to do a better job at hiring and retaining excellent resources. The managers may even have a script or a program to help with the selection process. They check all the boxes and follow the process to the letter and hire the perfect candidate. Why is it then that within 2 years that resource is gone, either leaving the organization or being asked to leave?

Based on the screening process, this candidate thought they were entering into a certain culture with specific values. During the screening process, the hiring manager’s selection process was based on a set of criteria that was placed upon him/her and may not really be in alignment with the company’s true value system.

This is not the fault of the training provided nor is it the fault of the organization’s leadership team. This is the fault of a belief that given the right training an organization’s culture and results can change. The real nugget to success and improvement is getting to the core of what your company’s values really are, openly and honestly; warts and all. Then your search is for the candidate that aligns with those values, a win-win.

Your follow through

You are a leader that understands your company’s core values and you seek training that supports and enhances these values. So why is sustainable and lasting change missing the mark? What is going on when your team, department and company is psyched and ready to go after training and still fizzles out within 2 months?

Practice… we all need to practice change, step into it on our own time and look for support along the way. According to the 2010 Executive Coaching Survey, conducted by the Conference Board, 63% of organizations use some form of internal coaching, and half of the rest plan to.

The problem still lies in that coaching is just a small part of a manager’s job description, less than 10% of their time is focused on coaching and most of that time is really the old one-to-one management meeting.; giving reviews, holding occasional meetings and offering advice. Effective coaching focuses on behavior shifts, specific actions and exploiting strengths.

Part of the training budget should also include training leadership with outside coaching. Having an outside coach who is focused on your results and detached from internal politics propels results forward as this coach is focused on leadership skills and change management. This coaching is asking rather than telling, is provoking thought rather than giving directions and is holding a person accountable for his or her goals.

So stop blowing your budget on training and seeing no real tangible results. You just need to invest these dollars wisely in programs that fit with your values and take the necessary steps to support the integration of this training with coaching for your leadership team. You know you are ready to bring your business results to levels beyond your wildest dreams. You know you are committed to being seen as an industry leader and innovator. You know you have the desire to invest wisely for lasting results. Just go ahead and make that commitment to you and your team today. Hire a coach to help you focus on your true core values and begin integrating lasting change that reaps true results on your investment.

Kraft Bravery and Your Business, together we identify key core values, set just the right goals and develop an on-going program to propel you towards your success.


Emotionally Intelligent People Lose Control

Have you worked in a company where leadership discovered this term EIQ (Emotional Intelligence Quotient)? If you haven’t yet, you will. This metric is a measure of your ability to manage yourself in a variety of situations. What is interesting is this quotient can be increased with training and practice (or decreased if you wish) but it is also very misunderstood.

You see, as a human being you are e-motional. You make decisions based on beliefs, norms, perceptions and emotions. Even when you take the time to examine the facts and look at data and sift through different points of view, your response ultimately is based on who you are, how you feel and what you believe to be true.

As an e-motional being you are going to LOSE IT at times. Whether you face a time of too much stress, or you find yourself not in control or if life events deal you a bad hand, you will lose it. This does NOT mean you LACK EI, it means your emotional state needs release and you have been ignoring the signs to let go.

I have a very high EIQ yet still find myself in situations where I am ready to burst. I’ve learned the BEST way to MANAGE this state is to NOT manage it at all, but to simply let go, cry, curl up and escape from the world a bit, dis-connect from friends and family and take some time for me.

I have discovered that in the past when I tried to manage my e-motional state I actually created massive internal conflict. This resulted in my thinking to become irrational, my behavior erratic and my decision making be very, very poor.

Knowing that I have a high EQ I became curious about these events and explored ways to get into, through and past these e-bursts. Now I let it happen and release pent up emotion. I may cry or take a retreat for a few days; all the time I ask myself what is the lesson I am learning? What is the absolute root of this e-motion? Where is this really coming from and what stories am I telling myself? What actually is happening and what are all the different perspectives of this situation?

I refrain from making decisions as much as possible until I have answered these questions and more. I usually discover the pain/e-motion I am experiencing has very little to do with the actual event but has quite a bit to do with a past experience that has surfaced. This awareness puts the current event into perspective and I am able to then make decisions based on calm and logical e-motions.

Understand you are an emotional being and will slip and lose it at times no matter how high your EQ score may be. This does NOT mean you lack Emotional Intelligence, it means you have taken on too much and your body is telling you it is time for a time out, time to reflect and time to shift something in your life. Take the time, relish in it, explore in it, learn and grow.

Kraft Bravery and Your Business, transform yourself to a higher EQ.


Kiss Advice-givers Goodbye

Seven Secrets to Success, Three Keys to Market Your Stuff, One Sure Fire Way to Make the Grade, and so much more. You’ve followed all the how-to guides to the letter. You’ve made your check-off list on the 10 keys to success. You joined all the inspirational programs and network groups in the area. So why is all this still not working?

It is not possible to provide complete information in short bites and the information being shared is probably not custom tailored to your specific need at this particular moment. Let’s take, for example, a blog I did on leadership don’ts. I covered five key behaviors that will sink your success but this post did not identify which is your key issue or what is your underlying reason for this behavior.

There is one thing I know for sure, there are plenty of people available to give you advice, direction and secret formula’s but there is only one unique and very special you. The key to your success is to unlock exactly what is right for you, take a self-exploratory journey, and authentically know who you are, warts and all.

With every decision you make, be brave enough to ask yourself why you did this. Does this serve the higher ground or could a better decision have been made? Do you feel aligned with this decision, does it feel right, and no part of you is uncomfortable with the results? If you had a do-over, what would you do differently and why? How would that be a better outcome? With every step breath you take are you comfortable with your choices? Are you open, honest and vulnerable with your honesty?

There are many choices you make each and every day. Be sure you build your life on choices that resonate with you. Once you become rock solid in knowing who you are, loving the “you” that emerges and honoring yourself the next evolution is to know and honor others. It is in this knowing that you are in a position to then be aware of selecting the information around you that aligns with you and where you are going. You actually set better goals, get better results and connect with better people. This year choose to be the authentic you and let the world in.

Kraft Bravery and Your Business will work with you to connect with your core and take your next step to achieving your goals.


Drat! Failed Again!

Goals, objectives, dreams and aspirations, what purpose do these serve?

I’ve been in business for over 20 years and played in rolls from board member to file clerk. I’ve been a corporate leader and a solentrepeneur. I’ve been extremely successful and extremely not. So what are some of the lessons learned throughout these experiences?

You’ve heard it before, it’s the journey that holds the reward. Let me share what I’ve discovered and what this means for you.

Without a goal you are directionless, like a ship without a rudder. You are adrift in this life and just move from moment to moment and survive.

Many of you will never ask “why am I here” and many of you who do ask will find the answer elusive. Those of you who move through this existence without an objective are the very same people who complain, gossip and are jealous of what others have. You are the have and have not’s and have not clearly defined what YOU want. Your life is stressful, unhappy and purposeless.

Many of you have worked on setting goals, articulating affirmations and actively set plans in motion only to miss the mark. You see this as failure, you internalize this feeling and that is what you become. Those who relate just a wee bit with this try this for a moment. Was the planning fun? Did visioning the possibilities bring you joy? Did the action you took motivate you and excite you? So where is the failure in that?

My lessons for you in setting goals and absolutely LOVING YOUR LIFE are:

Honestly Know Your Why
Be sure there is not ONE thread of why that is self-serving. Be specific about your cause and be honest about your belief. For example, all of you “work” to make money. This is tricky, if any part of you is about making money to be wealthy, you are in danger of missing the mark. If your why is to have financial freedom to support others, to allow you the means to give back or to spread your gift as far as possible, this is good. Be sure your why is pure and serves you in a way that also serves others.

Be open and Invite ideas in
Let go of what this goal might materialize as and invite what shows up into your life. Release any per-conceived notions and allow inspiration to settle in. Although I seek council of those more experienced than me in many matters I have discovered that when I follow their path, I fail. When I acknowledge their information and allow my own flavor to emerge, the results are amazing. Allow you to emerge and your ideas to take hold.

Release Attachment to the Results
Know that, once you are clear about your why and once you are open to what shows up, then let it go
As soon as you say the words “want,” “need,” “must,” or use similar language you are inviting in lack of something. Once you acknowledge (subconsciously) the lack of, that becomes your focus, your goal and your result. When you are able to “give it up to the universe” and let it go, you can change your focus and move forward. Detach from any expected results.

The New Year is approaching and it’s time for you to set goals. Be clear, authentic, be unattached to what the results might look like. Then hang on to your seat and enjoy the ride.

Kraft Bravery and Your Business, transforming you, your career and your life. Let’s work on your goals this year!


Really? It’s That Time Again?

Have you noticed that this year has seemed to have gone by in a flash? On the other hand, have you noticed all the changes that have taken place in your life over the past 12 months? Then of course, here you are again at the holiday season where you eat too much, shop too much and commit to social events too much. All in the name of the holiday spirit.


I would like to suggest that you stop, right now, and take just a few moments to be alone. Take a deep breath, deeper than you ever have before, then very slowly let it out and release this moment’s tension. Shake it out and remember all the amazing things that have happened this year. For each month write down one think you are thankful for, or you learned from or that you connected with. You will end up with twelve 2014 miracles that happened in your life. These events and the celebration of the good is what the holidays are about. Share what you wrote with family and friends and hold these 12 gifts close to your heart.


This year I am gifting you samples of my daily empowering questions. These are questions I ask in order to guide me that day and help me find the answers within myself to what I want to achieve each and every day. I hope you enjoy these gifts, they are sent with love.


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What’s Holding You Back

When you find yourself missing the mark, ask yourself what’s holding you back.

First, CONGRATULATIONS on taking a risk. If you never try, you never fail and you never change or achieve a dream. GOOD FOR YOU for getting out there and showing up!

If you missed the mark because of something you did not do, ask yourself a few questions.

What would happen if you did succeed?

What wouldn’t happen if you did succeed?

What would happen if you did NOT succeed?

What wouldn’t happen if you did NOT succeed?

Keep writing and be open with yourself. You might fined the gem you are looking for.


Motivation, How Hard Is It Anyway

Are you struggling with how to motivate your staff, your virtual assistant or yourself? If you are like me you get bombarded every day with tips and tricks on motivational techniques; seven easy steps, three key motivational strategies, or money isn’t the only motivator. You’ve tried the tricks and they just don’t work. Now what?

Motivation is not about trickery, it is about meeting people where they are, knowing where you are coming from and providing the environment others need to be their very best. It is not a cookie cutter solution because it depends on their needs of others at the moment.

I once had an excellent employee who began showing up at work depressed and frustrated. When we chatted about it she told me she was going to need to leave the job she loved because she and her fiance could not make ends meet. She gave me permission to work with them on a budget first to see if we could make a few changes in that area. I kept an employee, she and her fiance learned how to manage their money and we were all very grateful. You will not find this advice in a blog or a text book. This is meeting someone where they are and giving that person what they need at that time.

Meet people where they are

Every moment of every day there are different influences on you and the people you are motivating to get things done on your behalf. Family, society, politics, religion, history and more affect how we all “show up” every day. Your job, in fact your responsibility, is to be aware of how others are reacting to their day. Take a few moments and strive to understand the other person. Ask questions and listen to the answers; both the language and the mood of these responses are key to what is going on in their world right now. What are they reacting to today?

Know where you are coming from

Be aware of what is affecting you at this moment and notice what you are doing. How are you responding, how are you feeling, what are your actions and ask yourself if your behavior is appropriate to the moment. Are you serving the need of those you are trying to motivate or are you serving yourself? Acknowledge what you are doing and ask how you can better serve those looking to you for direction.

Provide the environment they need

Be sure your team has the tools and training to perform their job. After that motivation is about trust, growth and empowerment. People want to feel valued and worthy with what they are doing. A heartfelt thank you or good job moments of celebration are simple acts that keep spirits up, a key factor for motivation. Provide a continuous learning environment at the job where people are able to stretch their brain and face a challenge they are able to meet. Success breeds success and trust builds on trust. Be sure you are providing this environment for your team.

Motivating people is a non-tangible skill that requires you to be aware of yourself, your staff and your environment. We are all total beings and that totality means you are open and aware, trusting and giving, vulnerable and strong, and you are aware of it all while interacting with those needing your support to do their job.

Kraft Bravery and Your Business, together we can get you in motion. Unfocussed, unbalanced, unhappy, contact me today and get unstuck now.

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