Yes, You’re Being Judged Too

“Society is going to judge you anyway, so do whatever you want to do”. – Ziad K. Abdelnour

Living By Default

How many of you feel that you have control over your life? How about those friends you might have that seem to live in chaos, negativity, or believe life is bringing them down? How many

A Lesson on Judgement What happens when you are being judged?

Living With Resistance

What is, IS

Working Through Crisis

At this point, social distancing has lost its allure. Whether you embraced the self-imposed quarantine as an opportunity or a threat, your circumstances are starting to get old. When this all began you might have

How Can I Help You

How can I help you? When was the last time you heard those words? When was the last time you spoke those words? When was the last time you applied those words to yourself? This

Get Ready to be Ready

In the middle of self-distancing, quarantine, or separation from community; how can a motivational speaker talk about dreams and getting more in your life? What I can do is talk about my experience and my

Showing Up

Have there been times in your life where your world seems to have fallen apart? Have you discovered that life is full of unknowns? A death, divorce, or global concern are all shocks and disrupters

14 Days to Remember

Schools closing, supermarkets bare, and travel ceased. 14 days with plans cancelled and a self-imposed quarantine has been requested. I see this as a 14-day reprieve, a gift to remember to remember about: Yourself: Take