You Are My Polarity

There was a time when I did not understand why you came into my life Now I know You are my polarity Boredom creeped in, you sought refuge elsewhere I thought I should leave Now

The Burden of Failure

“When we accept that perfection is an illusion in life, we no longer carry the burden of failure. We simply recommit.” Gail Kraft How many of you, or those you know, have felt the sting

Feeling Vulnerable

How are you making your choices these days? Are you conscious of your drivers? Are you choosing how you respond or are you reacting based on external events? Sometimes you deal with the daily ups

Creative Thinking Frustration

Think outside the box! Pivot! Shift! Change your perspective! Are you feeling the pressure yet?

Yes, You’re Being Judged Too

“Society is going to judge you anyway, so do whatever you want to do”. – Ziad K. Abdelnour

Living By Default

How many of you feel that you have control over your life? How about those friends you might have that seem to live in chaos, negativity, or believe life is bringing them down? How many

A Lesson on Judgement What happens when you are being judged?

Living With Resistance

What is, IS

Working Through Crisis

At this point, social distancing has lost its allure. Whether you embraced the self-imposed quarantine as an opportunity or a threat, your circumstances are starting to get old. When this all began you might have