What Would Happen If

In my life I had spent many years making decisions based on what other’s may think. It was important to me that I appeared to be “a good girl” and that I did not ruffle

Outside In

Have you ever wondered why you tend to look for outside approval? Maybe you know someone who only makes decisions based on peer approval. Why do you think many of you may reach out for

Your Soul-Mirror

You’ve probably heard the saying, “Your Eyes are the Mirror to Your Soul,” but have you ever stopped to think that maybe your language is a mirror to your psyche? The language you choose, the

Re-Frame, Redirect, Revise Self-Talk

Have you ever found yourself in conversation with someone and you feel their anger? Maybe you aren’t fully aware of what you are experiencing, yet you hear words that rub you or make you wonder

Vulnerability Has Power

Today, I found myself flipping through past journals and I came across a passage on vulnerability and choices. I thought I would share this with you as well as some thoughts I have on the

At The Level I Help Myself

Every once in a while, I look back at what has changed in my life over the past few months, the past year, even the past decade. I do this as an appreciation practice and

Courage Without Vulnerability

As a leadership coach I have discovered my clients will frequently start working with me in order to find purpose, success, or connection. In the process of exploring what holds each one back, we often

It All Seemed So Sudden

Have you ever known someone who made a major change in their life, and from your perspective, it seemed oh so suddenly?  Maybe you know someone who has made a huge career jump into massive

What I Hide From Rules Me

Today I spent a little time contemplating the changes I have made in my life. I have made so many choices to do things differently, some amazing and some…not so much. All have contributed to

Hard Core Tough Guy

Those who know me also know that I grew up on the streets of Boston. I pretty much raised myself with some guidance and protection from a gang. This background meant I was both street-smart