How Can I Help You

How can I help you? When was the last time you heard those words? When was the last time you spoke those words? When was the last time you applied those words to yourself? This

Get Ready to be Ready

In the middle of self-distancing, quarantine, or separation from community; how can a motivational speaker talk about dreams and getting more in your life? What I can do is talk about my experience and my

Showing Up

Have there been times in your life where your world seems to have fallen apart? Have you discovered that life is full of unknowns? A death, divorce, or global concern are all shocks and disrupters

14 Days to Remember

Schools closing, supermarkets bare, and travel ceased. 14 days with plans cancelled and a self-imposed quarantine has been requested. I see this as a 14-day reprieve, a gift to remember to remember about: Yourself: Take

It’s Not Mindfulness

Have you heard the recent “new-age” word mindfulness floating around?   I have been asked to define mindfulness. I’ve been asked to help some who are stressed because they can’t reach mindfulness. I’ve been perplexed

The Affirmation Trap

You understand the powerful concept of the I AM statement. You’ve heard how the Law of Attraction works and desperately want to believe it. You’ve read the books, watched the videos, seen the testimonials, and

Master Your Story

Some of you might have heard motivational speakers tell you that you create your own reality. Some of you might wonder how this is so. There is so much out of your control and out

I Get Triggered Too

Let’s be honest for a moment. Anyone (including me) who tells you they have it all together probably hasn’t been truthful with himself or herself for a while. So, in the spirit of full disclosure,

Thoughts That Bind

Do you know someone that has a dream and yet makes no change in their life?  How about that friend or relative that cycles through self-doubt, self-depredation, or self-neglect? Have you, or this someone you

Loving the Wound

To be honest, all of us feel a little bit broken at times. There are moments of anger, frustration, fear, and frozenness. You might find mistakes you’ve made in the past haunt you, the question