About Gail

“If you want your life to be more rewarding, you have to change the way you think.”
– Oprah Winfrey O Magazine



As a business coach

Gail Kraft empowers her clients to take their business and themselves to the next level utilizing change management processes and neuro linguistic programing. By combining these techniques Gail provides the tools to let go of beliefs preventing her clients from achieving massive results in their career, their business and their life with a process for on-going management of change both personally and professionally.

From the Massachusetts gangs of Dorchester to the John Hancock Boardroom, this street-smart leader turns businesses around

At the age of 28 in less than one year Gail Kraft turned her first business around. Armed only with her street-smart logic, she implemented processes that reduced errors by 23%, increased sales by 8% and implemented tighter operational and financial controls. This effort resulted in a profit margin significant enough to require this business to spend on development before the end of their fiscal year; a nice problem to have. Since then Gail has coached organizations such as General Electric, Morton Salt and Entrepreneurs in Krafting their goals of successful change to profitability.

Training beyond one-to-one coaching

During her role of manager for the John Hancock P&C Training Department Gail developed her skill in creating programs that supported staff productivity as well as field agent state exam preparation. By focusing on details and delivery, these training programs produced consistency across the organization. Gail has taken this approach to her leadership program and clients under her tutelage have grown from bosses to leaders.

Gail’s common sense approach to leadership

Gail repeatedly nurtures teams that produce results. During her reign as Massachusetts Teachers Association her objective was to create an environment that produced results at least 33% higher than industry standard. This was achieved through process optimization, state of the art systems and people. Having the right people doing a job that fits their capabilities and aligns with their values in an environment of appreciation assures consistent results. Gail’s leaders learn how to focus on making decisions on the fly, assume appropriate accountability and execute for results that count by nurturing a team that supports and delivers.

Manage Change

As a West Coast Swing dance instructor, Gail has learned that balance comes from the core, it takes time to integrate change and that fun is the only way to learn. Gail helps her clients discover what balance is for them and then get in touch with what is getting in their way. It took Gail 21 consecutive days to integrate a dance move into her muscle memory and she brings this 21 consecutive days approach to her coaching to integrate change into her client’s life. She is relentless in supporting this process to find the right approach for the results in a fun way.