Beyond Surviving

You’re strong, you can do this.

There is always dark before the light.

Everything happens for a reason.

When one door closes, another opens.

Are you tired of hearing these from friends and family when you are in the middle of a life struggle?

If you are anything like me, the answer is not only yes, but with a resounding, “Yes, and go away!”

The fact is nothing lasts forever; the good, the bad, and everything in between. So, the saying, “This too shall pass,” holds true in life because everything is in motion.

With that in mind, the not-so-great times in your life does place a huge emotional, and sometimes physical, strain on you. It may not kill you, but it will challenge you, stress you, and confuse you.

  • It challenges your beliefs
  • It challenges your choices
  • It challenges your situation (stay, leave, something in between)
  • Sometimes it challenges your sanity

Finding your way through the downside of your life may or may not make you a stronger person. How you navigate your choices and how you take hold of those lessons really are the key elements of every experience. It is about how you choose to grow.

I have learned to understand that every day you are presented with experiences that allow you to evolve emotionally, intellectually, spiritually, and physically. What doesn’t kill you, doesn’t make you stronger, but it is an experience that provides you an opportunity for growth. The growth, if you so choose, can change your life. You get to gain new perspectives as you gain agility in how you cope with chaos, and you gain resilience and expertise in navigating through your emotions and grow.

Grabbing hold of what is happening in your life allows you new perspective around:

  • The beauty in life
  • The pain of others, gaining deeper empathy
  • The many aspects of who you are

You get to continuously create a better version of YOU. Embrace the mess, it’s what’s happening in this moment, and look for the meaning and navigate out with grace.

It takes intentionality, decision, and choice. It’s up to you to know when you are ready for a change.

What would it take for you to step beyond surviving and embrace the chance to be even more?

It takes allowing yourself to feel worthy of self-care and self-development. It takes having someone at your side guiding you through the barriers that could hold you back. It takes someone who has done it and is willing to go through it with you.

Let’s talk and see if I am that someone for you. Schedule our discovery meeting today.

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