You Are Worthy

Do you remember the year you graduated High School? You either entered college, the military, or the workforce. In each case, you were asked that fatal question, “What do you want?”

I recall hearing that question and thinking, “I have spent my life being told what I could and could not do. You are now allowing me to make my own choice and I have no life-skills experience and have never practiced choosing.”

Yet here you are.

Life is all about free-will and making choices that align with who you.

  • Have you ever given yourself permission to explore what you really want?
  • Have you ever dared to even ask the question, “What would make me happy?”
  • Have you ever challenged questioning your deservingness or laying rest to the imposter syndrome?

Sometimes you, or someone you know, equate the feeling of deserving like an exchange. For example, you exchange your performance with feeling worthy. You feel worthy of love, your job, your friendship, your place in the family, when you’ve proven your ability to perform in those roles. You lay out your effort and wait for the approval.

Meanwhile, you nurture and grow the belief that this is what self-worth is all about. You look for evidence that this is true and belief the story that you are what you do, or you are who others say you are, and you lose sight of your “Self” and what your gifts are, what your needs are, and what your dreams are.  

You speak this belief into existence. The need to prove you are worthy grows and you never fully fill that role to feel worthwhile for very long. You see, the next moment of needing to rise to someone else’s’ version of you appears.

Now, breaking this pattern and following your dream is scary. You are stepping into the unknown. It means giving up the belief that you are not good enough. The belief that you lack in your life. It means giving up what you know, your reliance on outside influences and looking within for your answers and your strength.

But here’s the gift in all of this. Once you begin to listen to your heart, not your head or your ego, you begin to hear your dream whispering. When you recognize that voice and make different choice based on what is in your heart, your desires to be more encourages you to take action.

You can begin this journey and nurture your dreams by first nurturing gratitude. I mean real, honest, heart-felt thanks for the things you do have, the people that do support your dreams, and the limitless potential that awaits you.

Gratitude gets you outside your ego, away from fear, and beyond lack and you begin to see the areas in your life where you are deserving because of who you are and because of what you do.

You deserve to be loved, you deserve to be heard, you deserve to hold to your boundaries, and you deserve your heart’s desire.

It takes intentionality, decisions, and choice. It’s up to you to know when you are ready for a change.

What would it take for you to set yourself free, to believe in yourself, to know your choices matter?

It takes allowing yourself to feel worthy of self-care and self-development. It takes having someone at your side guiding you through the barriers that could hold you back. It takes someone who has done it and is willing to go through it with you.

Let’s talk and see if I am that someone for you. Schedule our discovery meeting today.

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