Know Your Purpose

The past few years have been game changers for most businesses and most people. We’ve learned a lot about surviving change and more about what we believe is important.

Now is the time to take inventory of your business and personal accomplishments.

Where have you succeeded, what milestones were achieved, and how have you maneuvered through changing times?

This is where you want to stay focused moving forward and celebrate yourself, your clients, your employees, your family, your partner, and your relationships.

It is also the time to be honest about the areas where you failed professionally and personally.

This is great news! You tried something different and was willing to experiment and grow.

In examining missing the mark, notice where you find yourself placing blame.

Step back. Take a closer look at your contribution to any situation.

Now  take some time and determine  how you can change your approach, your belief, or your strategy to bring more balance and clarify your purpose in what you choose to do and why.

It’s time to get clear and specific before the year closes and so you enter the coming year strong.

Do you have the support and resources in place to find the right balance, the perfect strategy, or the purposeful focus for you?

DM me #messy for ways to step into the best version of you and your life.

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