Holding Tough Conversations

Tough conversations.

That’s a phase we’ve heard quite a bit lately, and yet we really aren’t clear what this means.

Tough conversations are not about calling someone out on their behavior. It does not mean arguing or placing blame. It does not mean lashing out in anger, pointing fingers, or walking away from a relationship.

And yet, it does not mean you don’t get angry.

You see, your anger is telling you what is important to you. It’s telling you to examine what is happening, your response, and make some decisions.

Maybe it’s time to question choices you’ve previously made.

Maybe it’s time to be more focused on a direction you’re heading in.

Maybe it’s time for you to dig in, lean in, and explore different perspectives in life.

Maybe it’s all of that and more.

Over the past year I doubled down on my commitment to my personal growth and getting real with who and what I am. This meant having these tough conversations with myself. It required me to admit where I was playing small, digging for blame, and avoiding responsibility.

While I was in the middle of getting raw and real with me I took on a challenge with friends called 75-Hard which required me to commit to daily standards, no matter what.

During this challenge I became even more clear every day. I became even more frightened of who I was becoming every day. I became even more committed to seeing how this played out every day.

Each year I challenge myself with a word to live up to. Last year my word/phrase was raw and real. You were going to see me, hear from me, and know me as I am. So I took on the challenge of 75HARD and transmuted my focus into showing up “Unapologetically.”

As I committed to my promise to stay the course, as I struggled with my unconscious mind trying to take me out of my commitment, and as I got better a winning the “you don’t have to do this” game I crystalized my desire to reach more people. That desire propelled me to develop my plan and build a strategy around launching a podcast.

The Empowering Process Podcast.

This magnified my belief that it’s time to stop playing small and get to the real stuff.

We are all looking for connection while hiding from our pain. It’s time to see the pain, names it, and heal the scars left behind.

I see you, warts and all.

I know your pain, your walls, and your hiding places.

I feel your love, your vulnerability, and your desires.

It’s time for hard conversations that focus on solutions, community, and love.

It’s time to embrace your purpose, to bravely show your power, and practice being present in the moment right now.

It’s time for you to witness the pain and share in the wins.

We all need to hear them.

I am unapologetic about getting real, holding the hard conversations, and still loving you, warts and all.

Purpose, Power, and Presence.

The Empowering Process Podcast is coming. Watch for it, listen, comment, and share. These episodes are recorded with you in mind.

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