Feeling Vulnerable

How are you making your choices these days? Are you conscious of your drivers? Are you choosing how you respond or are you reacting based on external events?

Sometimes you deal with the daily ups and downs such as traffic on the way to an appointment, waiting for someone who is late or actually never shows up, or that boss with unrealistic expectations.

Sometimes you are dealing with major changes such as a layoff from work, a divorce/separation, or a death of a loved one.

Lately, external stressors are adding to these events.

You are navigating your life through uncertainty, you’re feeling lost about the future, and you don’t have the information you believe you need to make the right decision.

You feel vulnerable.

When life throws crisis; big or small, internal or external; on your path it creates resistance. You feel off and your emotional state tells you something is wrong.

You now have a choice to react or respond.

When you react:

You are in victim mode, you feel blame and react from a state of fear, anger, or pride.


Fear can limit you in what you do, you become restricted in the pain you feel. As a first response, it sends a signal that something is wrong. When you choose to react and perpetuate the fear rather than solutioning, your choices are punitive. You lash out with the intention of bring “them” down in order to survive.


Anger is like an active volcano, always boiling, ready to erupt without notice.  Anger means you feel powerless, rejected, or threatened. You react with aggression. Anger is useful in that it tells you that something is not right yet spending your life angry is not going to reverse or resolve problems. You hunker down in your certainty of wrongness and believe it is up to you to control the outcome in order to survive.


Pride makes those you interact with feel you are saying “I am better than you.” You, and only you, have the answers.  As a proud person you come across demanding, pointing out the wrong in others. You cannot innovate, change, or create from an all-knowing point of view. You believe you have to help others in order to survive.

When you react to outside influences without looking inside for solutions, you miss the message your emotions are sending. The message is that something has to change. When you respond rather than react you enter into a state of potential and creation.


Hope shows up when you believe there is an answer, even if you don’t see it right now. It is tapping into optimism and opens your mind to a wider thinking process than that of vulnerability. It is a state of acceptance and forgiveness. You believe there is a chance and people and life are inherently good.


Reason means you have discovered how to live in the moment, acknowledging the now is a connection of the past, present, and future. It’s flow. You find no blame or accusations but rather purpose, significance, and fulfillment. You search for understanding and believe everyone is capable of learning.


Love is when you live from a state of reverence and revelation. It is from this state that you go deep within rather than search outside of you for answers. You tap into intuitive decisions and find answers with ease and grace. When you respond from a state of love you know we can all share in happiness.

Recognize your emotional state and retrieve the message it is telling you. Then consciously choose to respond from the empowered position of clarity, power, and solutions.

You have the power to choose how you respond each day. This is a practice of conscious choice and being present in the uniqueness of the moment. Take control, accept responsibility, and be aware that your perception, response, and results belong to you alone. You know it’s time for even more.

If not now, when?

Perspective based on the works of David R. Hawkins, M.D. PH.D. Power v.s. Force

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