Woman Loving life
Loving Life

Schools closing, supermarkets bare, and travel ceased. 14 days with plans cancelled and a self-imposed quarantine has been requested.

I see this as a 14-day reprieve, a gift to remember to remember about:


Take time now to:

  • Practice meditation
  • Do some in-home Yoga
  • Give yourself (or a loved one) a manicure/pedicure
  • Draw a hot bath with salts/oils and just soak
  • Really listen and feel music
  • Plan changes in your life
  • Remember to remember who you really are


 Now is the perfect time to:

  • Put down the phone, the computer, the remote and spend time with family
  • Reconnect with loved ones you have lost contact with
  • Rediscover the good times, laughter, and joy
  • Eat a meal around the table with candles and soft music
  • Cook out, eat smores, talk around a fire pit (or simply outside, together)
  • Remember to remember what you love about each other and how important that really is


Pull out your contact list and:

  • Find someone you have lost track of and reach out
  • Plan a celebration party for when you get back together
  • Check in and talk about the “good old days”
  • Offer an ear to listen, no judgement, no fixing, no co-complaining, just listen
  • Remember to remember when they came into your life, how important you were to each other

This is the perfect time to rediscover your heart and your love for yourself and life. Redirect your thoughts and conversations to possibilities, potential, and purpose. Find someone who can help you remember hope and happiness.

Or simply call me and I will listen and help you shift so you remember to remember your heart.

If not now, when?

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