The Affirmation Trap

You understand the powerful concept of the I AM statement. You’ve heard how the Law of Attraction works and desperately want to believe it. You’ve read the books, watched the videos, seen the testimonials, and can see results others have with this process.

Yet try as you may, it seems the power of positive thinking is not working for you.

Using affirmations may be failing for you because:

Your Affirmations Are a Routine

There was a point in my life when I had a list of affirmations I “recited” every day. This list, at first, had an impact on my outlook and how I felt about where I was going. Over a very short period of time they lost their impact. What I realized is that when you are saying affirmations simply because you are supposed to, they become hollow.

You Don’t Believe What You are Saying

Whenever you make a statement that you do not believe your subconscious mind knows it. If you continue, you start seeing yourself as a liar and soon anything you say your subconscious will no longer believe. You’re not actually stating a truth and, at some level, feel resistance toward believing any affirmation. The more you lie to yourself and struggle to find meaning the more you destroy your self-image.

Believe You Don’t Deserve It

When you have a core belief of guilt or shame the affirmations you chant fall short because deep down you believe you don’t deserve to be happy. Pain and sadness is your normal. When you feel happy or content, the negative feelings get triggered and you return to suffering. When you believe you do not deserve what you desire, you sabotage the process and confirm your belief of unworthiness.

You can break the cycle of the affirmation trap. Choose words that create a feeling that you can buy into and statements of possibilities.

  • You’re not slender, “I am making healthier choices every day”
  • You’re not wealthy beyond words, “I am wiser and making better strategic choices each day”
  • You are not in the relationship you had hoped for, “I am becoming clearer on how a great relationship would feel wonderful”

The words you choose don’t really matter, it’s the feeling they elicit that do. Believe in your visions and feel what reaching your goal feels like, calibrate your emotion to what you want, even if it is raising your emotion just slightly.

You have the power to choose how you respond. Choose to appreciate who you are and live in the moment. This is a practice of conscious choice and being present in the uniqueness of the moment. Take control, accept responsibility, and be aware that your perspective, response, and results belong to you alone. You know it’s time for even more.

If not now, when?

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