Stop Telling Me You Can Change My Life
Yet Another Offer to Change My Life!

Is it just me or have you noticed that everybody is a coach these days, ready to work with your blocks and restrictions? Your personal trainer, masseuse, therapist, nutritionist, psychiatrist, spiritualist, your business coach, your significant other, and maybe even your boss are all there with the answers for your transformation.

I hear words such as inspiration, motivation, revelation, elevation, illumination, or Imagination.  Quite honestly, hearing these words give me the feeling of constipation. Folks, this is a turn off for me and I no longer want to do business with you.

Here’s the interesting point. I am an Empowerment guide and can honestly say I really do none of the above with my clients. I show up, hold space for their conversation, and reflect back what opportunities are available for making different choices in their lives. It’s about energetic shifts in language, in choices, and in the trajectory of the path they are on that changes. Believe me when I say it is my client that does the work and is ready to take on these shifts.

The only person that can motivate you, enlighten you, or break through blocks and restrictions is you. The only person who can be accountable for your results and responsible for your actions is you. The only person who can go on your journey and elevate your life is you.

With that said however, as an Empowerment guide, I am there to shine the light on what you are not seeing. I hold answers to questions you have struggled with. I am the safe haven where you can discuss anything without judgement.

It is you that comes ready to make a shift and feel the release of letting go of that which is binding you today. It is you that knows there is more to be had and go on the journey of discovery with curiosity. It is you who chooses to partner with someone you trust to be your reflector and hold a safe cocoon for your evolution.

I offer perspective, conscious choice, and detachment from expectations and guide you to a state of being that provides you more options in how to live your life.

The inspiration is yours, the motivation comes from you, and the dissolving of blocks and restrictions is a result of your conscious choice. I am here to show you how.

Become aware of who you are on a Soul level, make conscious choices that align with your personal blueprint, and live a life connected to your purpose and with love. You know it’s time to change your life. You have the power. I hold the safe space for you to explore your options. So just go ahead and connect with me today.

If not now, when?

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