Wisdom Through Curiosity

If you were asked to define what wisdom meant to you, what would you say?

  • A wise person is educated – someone knowledgeable in some manner
  • A wise person knows when they are wrong
  • A wise person listens
  • A wise person is aware

And there are so many more definitions of what it means when you achieve a state of wisdom. Some of you, like me, may have been called wise, mentors, leaders if you will. This usually happens when you are available for someone or something and provide the missing answer to a problem.

In reality, wisdom is subjective and a status given to someone you perceive to have experience and therefore you value their judgement.

Because I believe that judgement is an attachment and I strive to live without attachment, I believe that wisdom is living in s state of unattached curiosity. You live in a world of every changing energy and are, therefore, living in a constant state of change.

Have you ever made a decision based on information you had at hand and then later, changed your mind? You might have had different information, seen things from a different perspective, or missed your objective and learned from your choice. In any case, have you gained wisdom along the way?

You know that you have achieved a state of wisdom when you release your ego and embrace child-like curiosity. Not knowing is the beginning of wisdom because you open up to a world of possibilities. You acknowledge that the Universe is full of knowledge you do not yet comprehend and there are answers you may not be aware of.

Living in a state of I don’t know means you are able to make choices that are fluid enough to shift when more information comes your way or circumstances change. You are able to release attachment to a place, a person, or a way of life and embrace the here and now.

When you see the beauty of the moment, knowing that this moment will change, you are free to make choices that are presently perfect, open enough to curiosity, and fluid enough to change, becoming even more conscious of how to make choices that are perfect for you.

Achieve wisdom through curiosity and embrace conscious choice.

Gail Kraft, Author, Trainer, Strategist, and Mentor guides her clients in navigating their relationship to life.

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