Choose to Let Go

The holidays are over, clean up, returns, sales and preparing for next year are where you are right about now. As I contemplate this coming year I start with a retrospective of last year. A kind of lessons learned activity for my life. Join me this year.

What went well

It is always important to celebrate your successes in life and shift your focus to what you actually achieved. Why do you think this went well? Did you focus on your core capabilities, stay aligned with your values, accepted responsibility and acted accordingly? Whatever the reason, take note because this is your blueprint for success.

What didn’t go as expected

You know what this is, right? Your plan went awry, there was an unexpected turn of events, your strategy may have been off, or maybe you really didn’t have a personal plan and have just hoped for the best. What ever happened, look for the root cause and determine, knowing what you know now, what will you do differently?

What am I willing to let go

This is a shift in your perspective. Often when you set an objective you also set expectation and hold on to that desire. Take another look at what went wrong and then look at how attached you were to the outcome, to the relationship, or to the belief. I challenge you to pick one attachment and let it go. Release your expectation and ask your “what would happen” statements:

1.     What would happen if you let go of your attachment?

2.     What would happen if you didn’t let go of your attachment?

3.     What wouldn’t happen if you did let go of your attachment?

4.     What wouldn’t happen if you didn’t let go of your attachment?

How good will you feel when you are free from your expectation and attachment to these results?

Answering these questions increases your self-awareness and opens you to possibilities you might not have otherwise considered.

I invite you to discover how you can show up, authentic in your ability to choose, and responsible for your results through the power of conscious choice. The choice is yours to make. Live this year the same way you always have or live with conscious purpose. The choice is yours to make.

If not now, when?

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