Those of you who choose to be on a Self-Development path I want to congratulate you on allowing yourself to be open to the possibility that there is more to this life than your third dimensional self is able to see, hear, or feel. What you might also be learning is that you are a multi-dimensional being. You are energy and therefor need to be fed fuel to keep going. So how does exercise, diet, and reading relate to fuel and align with Self-Development?

Mind, Body, and Soul means just that. As you become even more aware of the connection you have to your Self and the universe you also become aware of your physical manifestation in a rather unique way. Why are you here, what is your gift, how do you move through this life of time and space? Answering these questions requires being present in this life while exploring possibilities.

Exercise Hones Your Body

When you exercise a fresh supply of blood and oxygen is delivered to your and improves your ability to regenerate healthy cells.

  • Exercise relieves stress
  • Studies show that exercise can alleviate symptoms of depression
  • Exercise can help reboot your body clock and achieve a healthier sleep routine

Physical activity provides a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of purpose to your existence, and enhances your sense of well-being.

  • Exercising outdoors can increase self-esteem
  • Working out boosts the chemicals in your brain that support and prevent degeneration of the hippocampus, an important part of the brain for memory and learning
  • Working out can increase levels of a brain-derived protein (known as BDNF) in your body, believed to help with decision making, higher thinking, and learning

When you hone your body and your brain through exercise you allow yourself to gain clarity and be even more aware of choices available to you right now.

Diet and Your Continued Evolution

In your journey of Self-development, you begin to discover that your conscious evolution consists of two processes: (1) purification and refinement of energy and (2) moving your energy to a higher level. This means that your energy must be responsive, malleable and moveable. (Chapter Four of How to Be a Yogi, Abbot George Burke)

Chemicals in your food can clog your body’s ability to move oxygen and transmit energy efficiently. Similarly, foods that are “heavy” such as those rich in fat, sugar, cheese, full of starches or carbohydrates, including animal products, can clog your blood flow and therefor your brain.

Your mind (brain) is formed of the subtle energies created and developed by what you eat. Knowing this you realize that diet is one of the most crucial aspects of your emotional, intellectual, and spiritual development. Diet and consciousness are interrelated, and purity of diet is an effective aid to purity and clarity of consciousness.

Your mind should not be weighted down but rather light and fluid. Such energy is obtained through eating substances that are also light and fluid. Those substances are fruits, vegetables, and grains. (Reference Chapter Four of How to Be a Yogi, Abbot George Burke)

Read to Expand Your Mind

Step into a world of imagination, embrace the knowledge others have to share, or embark on an exploration into new territory. Reading helps you expand your perceptional position and see life from another aspect.

  • Your brain operates like a muscle, it needs to be exercised to stay healthy. Sharpen your logical ability through books
  • Critical thinking skills are essential in your life. Reading a mystery novel that draws you in teases you to solve the mystery yourself before finishing the book thus honing this skill in a fun and natural way
  • When you allow your mind to explore a new literary world you open up to new ideas, subjects and situations that can encourage you to explore new choices

Self-development is an exercise in getting to know yourself even more. It’s a life of curiosity, openness, and possibilities. It is a journey of your mind, a stewardship of your body, and an exploration of your soul. You can develop becoming even more conscious of how to make choices that are perfect for you while honing your body, eating consciously, and expanding your mind through reading.  You can do this.

If not now, when?

Choose being the steward of your Self through exercise, diet, and reading or make no change at all.

Either way, you have chosen.

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