Have you ever attended a training seminar or sat through a motivational event and gone home all inspired and ready to take on the world? Did you notice the following week was amazing and things just fell into place? Did you also notice that within the month you lost that juice and found yourself pretty much back to your old habits?

This happens in business as well as your personal life. What is occurring is that you have not built up that brain muscle to look at things differently and your “habits” from the past take hold. Millions of dollars are spent every year by individuals looking to elevate their experience and by business looking for that cutting edge, the differentiator that is the difference that makes the difference. You all want it but why is this such a slippery slide?

If you wanted that six pack, muscular arms, or a beautiful bum you would go to the gym, see a trainer, and work on this goal regularly. The trick here is that your brain is also a muscle and your behavior is ingrained in that muscle due to your past experiences. You need to create new experiences and exercise that brain on a regular basis.

There are support mechanisms for you to “work out” your muscle every day. In business as well as your personal life a coach that works with you frequently will keep you on track. There are informational programs that are perfect for business as well as personal development that have support mechanisms in place that provide you what you need to keep on track and keep your trajectory in motion.

No matter what approach you take you still need to do the work and sometimes the work is not all that hard, just apply the tools you get consistently and specifically. Aren’t you worth the effort? Isn’t your business worth taking it to the next level of excellence? What would it be worth for you to master tools that actually help you make the changes you are looking for? You just need to check out your options right now.

The Difference

Clients working with Gail experience achieving goals they never thought possible and integrate new perspectives into their lives. Are you ready to explore you greatest self with support aimed at success? If not now, when?

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