Once again, I love my job. Another opportunity to share with a client and I thought I would share this with you.

How do you deal with the injustice life puts before you while staying in the light?

For me, getting curious helps me navigate the anger or the gut feeling when I experience what I perceive to be an injustice to me. I use language such as:

  • I am curious as to why
  • I am feeling uncomfortable so need to understand exactly what is going on
  • Please let me know specifically what the intent is and why

I am then able to stop making things up in my head and can deal with what is real. Sometimes I don’t like what is real, but at least I can plan a course of action on facts and not my imagination.

Stop wasting your precious energy on the story that spins in your head and get curious. Why are you reacting to this and what information do you need to get to the real root of the issue at hand?

Just a reminder to keep asking “Really? Why?”

Really Why

Gail works with her clients to navigate perspective and uncover root cause and develop a plan that shifts their life, increases their business, and brings clarity to purpose. Are you ready for your why? If not now, when?

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